Join Me For “How to Use AutoClusters to Analyze Your DNA Matches,” Live and Free

Please accept this invitation to join me this Wednesday, October 21, at 2 PM EST, for the MyHeritage Facebook LIVE event, “How to Use AutoClusters to Analyze Your DNA Matches,” presented by yours truly! Please note that if you can’t join us for the live presentation, it will be available to view later. I’ll post a link when it becomes available – after the live session.

The live webinar is free, courtesy of MyHeritage, and me.

You can read about this event and other free October seminars in the MyHeritage blog article, here.

To view the session, simply click on the MyHeritage Facebook page, at this link, near that time and the session will appear as a posting. I can’t give you the link in advance because until the live session is occurring, there isn’t a link to post.

We will be covering how to use the AutoCluster feature that’s included for all MyHeritage DNA users, incorporating cluster information with other MyHeritage DNA tools such as Theories of Family Relativity, Smart Matches, Ancestral Surnames, Shared Matches, Locations and Triangulation to solve genealogical puzzles.

I even made a discovery when creating this workshop and I’ll share how that happened and why it’s important.

You have surprises waiting for you too. AutoCluster opens doors and breaks down brick walls.

It’s Not Too Late!

If you haven’t DNA tested at MyHeritage, you can purchase a test, here.

However, if you’ve already tested elsewhere, it’s much quicker and less expensive to upload your DNA file for free, here, and pay the $29 unlock fee to access the advanced tools, including AutoCluster. Step-by-step transfer instructions for all vendors are found, here.

Instead of paying the $29 unlock fee, you can subscribe to the MyHeritage genealogy research package and that will gain you access to the advanced DNA tools as well. You can sign up for a trial subscription for free, here.

See you on Wednesday!!!



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17 thoughts on “Join Me For “How to Use AutoClusters to Analyze Your DNA Matches,” Live and Free

  1. I cannot attend the webinar as I have a business meeting at that time. Do you think that it will be available as a repeat? I really would like to hear it!

  2. Your post says “please accept my invite” but there seems no rsvp type button to do so. Would be nice if there could be an action that did that and maybe auto sent an email with the reminder info of how to find this again. I’m on many genealogy sites…

  3. Just a reminder that the session will be at 2 PM EST on October 21st, live, but will be available to view later as well. I’ll update the article with a permanent link after the session. Facebook doesn’t give links ahead of time, so everyone just needs to go to the MyHeritage Facebook page at 2. See you there.

  4. Am I missing something with your time? “Spring ahead, fall back” Is 2 PM EDT Eastern Daylight Time? Is 3 PM EST Eastern Standard Time? If so, it would be just the opposite.

    • I apologize. This is very confusing. I see two sources. One says EDT and EST are the same right now and the other days they are different.

    • Michigan is currently in EDT. We change to EST when we change the block. It’s 2 PM here tomorrow. We are an hour ahead or later, than central time.

  5. I couldn’t find you on myheritage today!!!!! Yes, I am a computer neanderthal but I clicked every link on your blog. nada. Is there any other to watch this now?

  6. Thank you. I enjoyed that. I have used these features many times before, but it never hurts to review the use of specific tools. Every time I look at a genetic genealogy tool or match list anew, I generate new ideas and/or new questions. I came away from this seminar with thoughts on several aspects of my match list that I would like to investigate more. Fresh ideas are always exciting.

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