MyHeritage Step by Step Guide: How to Upload-Download DNA Files

In this Upload-Download Series, we’ll cover each major vendor:

  • How to download raw data files from the vendor
  • How to upload raw data files to the vendor, if possible
  • Other mainstream vendors where you can upload this vendor’s files

You can both upload autosomal DNA raw data files from another vendor to MyHeritage, and download your DNA file from MyHeritage. Please note that downloading a copy of your raw data file from any vendor does not interfere with your matches at that vendor.

Uploading TO MyHeritage

Upload Step 1

To upload your DNA to MyHeritage, click here and then click on the purple “Start” button.

Upload Step 1 If You Already Have an Account at MyHeritage

If you already have an account, click here to sign in and then click on the DNA tab to display the “Upload DNA Data” option which displays the graphic above. Click on the purple “Start” button. This is the same process you’ll use whether it’s the first time you’ve uploaded a kit, or you’re uploading subsequent kits to your account that you’ll be managing.

At this point, you’ll see the “Upload DNA data” screen – sp click on the purple “Start” button. .

Upload Step 2

If you’re not a member, you’ll be prompted to create a free account by entering your name, e-mail, and password, and from there you can upload your autosomal DNA file.

You’ll be asked whose DNA you’re uploading and prompted to read and agree to the terms of service and consent.

Click the purple upload button.

Then click done when the file is finished uploading.

You’ll be notified by e-mail within a couple days when the file is finished processing.

Downloading FROM MyHeritage

Download Step 1

Sign on to your MyHeritage account.

Click on DNA on the upper toolbar.

The dropdown menu includes “Manage DNA Kits”

Download Step 2

At the right of the kit you wish to download, click on the three small dots which will include an option for “Download kit.”

Download Step 3

You’ll be presented with a box titled “Learn more about DNA data files.”

Click the purple “Continue” button.

Download Step 4

You’ll need to confirm that you want to download your data, and that you understand that the download is outside of MyHeritage and their protection.

Click the purple “Continue” button. You’ll see a notice that an email has been sent.

Download Step 5

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on “Click here to continue with download.”

This e-mail link is only valid for 24 hours.

Download Step 6

Enter your password again, and click on the purple “Download” button.

Download Step 7

Save the file as a recognizable file name on your computer.

MyHeritage DNA File Uploads TO Other Vendors

You can upload your MyHeritage file to other vendors, as follows.

From below to >>>>>>>>>>> Family Tree DNA Accepts Ancestry Accepts 23andMe Accepts GedMatch Accepts
MyHeritage Yes* No No Yes

*To upload to Family Tree DNA, you must have tested at MyHeritage after May 7, 2019.

Neither Ancestry nor 23andMe accepts uploads from any vendor.

MyHeritage DNA File Uploads FROM Other Vendors

You can upload files from other vendors to MyHeritage, as follows:

  From Family Tree DNA From Ancestry From 23andMe From LivingDNA
To MyHeritage Yes Yes Yes No

Testing and Upload Strategy

Uploading to MyHeritage is always free. You can view your ethnicity, your matches and their trees, and utilize the DNA tools, but you won’t receive the full benefit of SmartMatching, Triangulation, Theories of Family Relativity and other records without a subscription. You will be limited to building a tree of 250 people for free, but you can upload a Gedcom file of any size, although you do need to subscribe to change anything in that file if it contains more than 250 individuals.

My testing/upload recommendations are as follows relative to MyHeritage:

I wrote a step-by-step guide about how to download from Ancestry here.

I wrote a step-by-step guide about how to download your DNA raw DNA file from 23andMe, here.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for how to upload or download your FamilyTreeDNA file.

Have fun!

Please note that this article was updated in August 2021.



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25 thoughts on “MyHeritage Step by Step Guide: How to Upload-Download DNA Files

  1. Thanks for letting us know! I have tested with FamilyTree DNA, FamilyFinder and mtDNA. I don’t mind any more information that I can find, especially if it’s FREE!!

    • FREE! is the magic word that attracts everyone.
      Everyone likes “FREE”. The enjoyment of getting something for nothing is advantageous and a part of human nature. In the age of Google and Wiki we now expect all information to be free, as well as it being accurate.
      But not everything that is provided for free is always accurate, nor is it guaranteed even if you pay for it, Even if you pay for access to a GG website, the predictions provided there might not be accurate.

      • I mainly just want to see what it will tell me that’s different from my other tests. I have done extensive family genealogy research, so I know basically where I come from.

        • OK. As Roberta said, lets “Have fun”. 😉
          For those of us who know our roots we can see what the various estimates from the various sites are, then smile and wait until they become more accurate.

          And I agree, nothin’ beats getting that for FREE! 🙂

  2. MyHeritageDNA has a great advantage over other test sites for those who are working with DNA matching segments. MyHeritageDNA shows your triangulations. They find them for you and give you links to your triangulations. You don’t have to hunt for them. Ancestry won’t even show us our matching segments so there is no way to work with DNA segments on Ancestry. If you care about genealogy and want your dna tests to help you, you need to upload to MyHeritage and use those triangulating segments!

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  19. I uploaded my FTDNA raw data to My Heritage quite a while ago (years and years), and then recently took the Ancestry test (they were having a great sale) just to put more eggs in some other baskets (so to speak). Is there any reason I should also upload the Ancestry raw data to My Heritage or would it just be more of the same as what I’ve already submitted?

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