Top Tips for Triangulating Your DNA Matches with Roberta Estes – FREE – MyHeritage Facebook LIVE, April 27th

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Yes, I know this is last minute, but consider this seminar a surprise gift, jointly, from me and MyHeritage😊

Top Tips for Triangulating Your DNA Matches is free for everyone!

I’ll readily admit that presenting via Facebook LIVE is new to me, but we will make this work, I promise.

Tomorrow, Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 2 PM EST, on the MyHeritage Facebook page, I’ll be giving a free presentation, with Q&A, about triangulating your DNA matches at MyHeritage.

About Triangulation

Triangulation is both a tool and a process.

Have you wondered any of the following:

  • What is triangulation?
  • Why do I need to triangulate?
  • Why does triangulation work?
  • How do I triangulate?
  • How do I find matches to triangulate?
  • How does triangulation confirm ancestors?
  • How can I use triangulation in my genealogy?
  • Am I using all the tools to find triangulated matches?

If you’d like to learn more about any of those questions, or you’d like to join in for the fun and camaraderie, I’ll see you tomorrow at 2 PM EDT on the MyHeritage Facebook page.

Test or Transfer

If you haven’t yet tested your DNA with MyHeritage, or transferred your DNA to MyHeritage from elsewhere, now is the perfect time! You’ll find step-by-step transfer instructions, here.

Click here to purchase a DNA test, or here to upload a file from another vendor. You’ll have matches to triangulate before you know it!

See You Monday!!

Click here for the MyHeritage Facebook page where the Facebook LIVE event will take place Monday, April 27th, at 2 PM EST!


Here’s the link if you’d like to watch the recording.



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20 thoughts on “Top Tips for Triangulating Your DNA Matches with Roberta Estes – FREE – MyHeritage Facebook LIVE, April 27th

  1. Unfortunately I’m still working through all of this. Is there any chance this will be recorded? I have to go reread all your triangulation articles but I’d love to see a video walkthrough

      • thanks, I’ll look for that. BTW, on a tangent, I’ve been looking through your blog for info on a feature in Ancestry I hadn’t seen before today. They now give us the ability to connect user profiles with individuals on our tree like FamilyTreeDNA does. Maybe they’re working on some triangulation features? Did you already know about this or am I just too out of the loop on Ancestry lately?

        • That’s a feature they are rolling out bit by bit. I don’t know why either. I’m also wondering if it’s connected to their medical research. I’m not comfortable writing about it until I understand why they are doing this.

  2. My question will be: I thought that in using DNA Painter I no longer had to worry about triangulation. Is that not true?

  3. Hi Roberta – You just keep giving us more gifts!
    I would love to attend but just can’t bring myself to join Facebook at al – I don’t trust it in any way (I really miss Blaine’s Tips channel too).
    Will this be on the MH site or YouTube so that we can watch it later? Thank you for all you’re doing during this time!

  4. Hello: Just saw your broadcast on MyHeritage. Great job! Also let’s me know how little I really know about DNA. I sent kit to MyHeritage a week ago and should receive results in a month. I’ve been using Ancestry and Family Tree DNA for the past couple of years. Do you use ALL or do you prefer MyHeritage over the others? I’m pretty sure we don’t share any DNA, but I have two branches of my Colvard family that lived in Wilkes and Surry Cos, NC and we seem to have several families that are connected to one another. Do you recommend a particular book or books on triangulation, etc?
    Richard A. Colbert

    • There isn’t a book about triangulation, per se. I recommend my blog articles that were listed at the end of the session. In general, Blaine’s books are good overall educational resources.

  5. Roberta, your presentation at MyHeritage today was great. Thank you. Have triangulated 3 family descendants, one from each of 3 separate siblings from 1820’s. Common ancestor is 5x’ grt gf for two and 3x’s grt gf for one. Two segments where all 3 match are 1,9 cM on Ch 3 and 1.4 on Ch 11. Are these cM values too small for this generational distance to be valid indicators of ancestral link? You questioned anything less than 7cM today. Thanks again, Garry

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