Honors and Accolades – Thanks to You!

Before I share the good news, I’d like to thank you, my readers and followers – my tribe – for being my fans.

For reading what I write and watching what I produce. For sharing your thoughts. For inspiring me with your stories and questions. For supporting me.

It’s because of you that I’m privileged to write this article about recent honors and accolades.

Three, to be specific, or four, depending on how you count.

I’m truly humbled.

All three notifications arrived in my inbox within a few days this past week, which also corresponded to a difficult death anniversary in my family, so I really needed this boost.

Family Tree Magazine’s 101 Best Genealogy Websites

Family Tree Magazine compiles an annual best of the best list of 101 genealogy resources for genealogy enthusiasts to research our family trees.

I’m very pleased that DNAeXplained is included again this year.

You can see the full list of honorees, here and you can click on each category to learn more.

I encourage you to try something new.

How many of these sites have you never utilized? What might be waiting for you? Do you have a particularly thorny brick wall that needs to fall?

Maybe some of these resources don’t pertain to your areas of research, but others may.

You might have used some in the past but need to check back occasionally.

For example, DeadFred. You could find photos of your long-lost relatives, and you can also submit orphaned photos there as well.

You know I’m already searching for the surname of every ancestor in my tree that died after the advent of cameras in the mid-1800s! If not them, then maybe their children or siblings. Hope springs eternal!

I’m going to try one new website from the Family Tree Magazine list every day.

Which resource are you trying first? Let me know how it goes and if you find something fun.

Legacy Family Tree Webinar’s Top 10

I received an email from Geoff Rasmussen with Legacy Family Tree Webinars announcing that my webinar, Wringing Every Drop out of Mitochondrial DNA ranked number 5 in the top 10 webinars for May.

Truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised because mitochondrial DNA has often been the “neglected” DNA that we all carry. Hopefully, that “neglected” status will change and more people will test now that they understand how beneficial this tool can be, which means additional and more meaningful matches for all of us.

More than 2,200 people have viewed this webinar so far and received the extensive companion syllabus.

You can watch too by joining Legacy Family Tree Webinars, here, which gives you access to all 1787 webinars, and counting. New webinars are literally added daily, and you can register to watch live webinars along with recently recorded webinars for free for the first 7 days. Take a look.

If you haven’t yet tested your mitochondrial DNA, please do by clicking here.

By taking a mitochondrial DNA test at FamilyTreeDNA, you’ll also become a part of the exciting Million Mito Project which is literally rewriting the history of womankind.

 E-book Release and Lovely Book Review

I received a note from my publisher, Genealogical.com, who is also on Family Tree Magazine’s “Best Of” list again this year, telling me that my book, DNA for Native American Genealogy has been released as an e-book AND has received a major book review by Dr. Margaret McMahon. I think this should count as two really good things, not just one.

I wrote about the contents of my book, here, but Dr. Mac, as she is known, summed things up succinctly in her statement, “This book picks up where the theories end and your work begins.”

That was my goal, to educate my readers, explain the various tests and results, and provide a research roadmap. Do you have a family story of a Native American ancestor? Are you looking for answers?

Dr. Mac’s book review corresponds well with the recent release of the book in e-book (e-Pub) format. Here’s how to order:

Thank You, Thank You

Once again, thank you for your continuing support. I’ll have more interesting news soon!


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29 thoughts on “Honors and Accolades – Thanks to You!

  1. Roberta, if you held a meeting and read the phone book, I’d show up because you are such an engaging speaker! I’ve attended your live/recorded presentations and have always appreciated the insights you offer. Your recognition is well deserved. 🙂

  2. Sincerest congratulations, Roberta!!!!!

    Couldn’t have come at a better time,
    So I thought I’d make this little Rhyme –
    We use your sources for less than a dime,
    We learn from you and what we find,
    Is the next brick wall, then go on a climb.

    From that position we’re no longer in a bind,
    because we had diagrams and maps you left behind.

    With my Best, Always,

  3. It us who should be thanking you. Your articles always easy to follow, full to bursting with knowledge and fun as well. We are so grateful to you and your honours well deserved.
    From a grateful Kiwi Down Under (I don’t think we ever did hear the end of your cruise round NZ).
    nga mihi – thankyou in Maori (pronounced nar meehee)
    Arohanui – love big or lots of love ( ar roar har noo e)
    Coralie Smith

    • Thank you. And you’re right. I got distracted before I finished the cruise articles. Maybe I should just come back and resume in person!😁

  4. Congratulations on your awards. You give us a lot of information to help us.

    I was on the Durham site yesterday about DNA presented by Mags Gaulden and Nancy Trimble helping. They suggested asking you my 2 questions.

    1. I have a brother that I have never met. He was supposed to be adopted but I am not sure how to find him. He is supposed to be a truck driver in Atlanta and is 67 years if alive.

    2. I have a number of DNA matches by the name of Cooper. I have checked their family trees but haven’t a clue as to how we are related. ( I have corresponded with a number of my matches.)
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

    • Be sure to test with or transfer to all 4 of the DNA companies, plus LivingDNA as a 5th. Hopefully he will test, but maybe not. If not, then you would need a name to find him. If you have a name then google that name with as much information as you have.

      Regarding the Cooper name, you’re going to need to build their trees out and/or use Genetic Affairs with the AutoTree option which looks for common names in the trees of people you match.

  5. Congrads Cousin, You have been a great supporter and encourager of my work and research. I appreciate you.

  6. Well deserved, I’ve learned so much. But more than that, I love your writing, thoughts, empathy, nuance. Thank you.

  7. Congratulations Roberta!!! You deserve it!! From a devoted follower of your great information!

  8. Congrats! I owe my knowledge and understanding of all things DNA to you. You are the smartest of the smart girls out there; and we appreciate your generosity in sharing!

  9. Congratulations!! And special thanks for helping us to navigate and understand our mtDNA results. I for one would have been lost without you! 🙂

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