Mitochondrial DNA Webinar is Free for 5 Days PLUS Mitochondrial DNA Test Now on Sale

Wow, the Wringing Every Drop Out of Mitochondrial DNA webinar yesterday was SO MUCH FUN. The lovely comments from attendees below the video say it all. Thank you to the 1800 or so people who signed up, joined us for the webinar and provided those kind reviews.

I’m so glad that folks are excited and already making breakthroughs using their mitochondrial DNA results.

In the webinar, I not only explained HOW mitochondrial DNA works and what your mutations and results mean, but shared some of my secrets of how to make mitochondrial DNA work harder for your genealogy.

Thanks to Legacy Family Tree Webinars, the webinar is still free for everyone through May 4th and can be viewed here.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see.

The accompanying 34-page syllabus for the webinar is a feature of a paid membership.

Webinar Memberships Half Price

Legacy Family Tree Webinar memberships are currently half price, at this link, using coupon code 1750 for new members. Memberships are normally just $49.95 but right now, with the coupon code, a membership costs just $24 plus change for a full year. Your membership gives you access to all 1765 webinars in the library, and the library grows every week. The sale pricing ends Saturday, April 30th.

Here are a few of my other webinars available in the library.

The most popular webinar, though, is my Genealogy Case Study session with more than 27,000 views. That’s amazing to me. 27,000 is the size of some stadiums and EVERYONE is interested in DNA.

Mother’s Day DNA Mitochondrial DNA Sale

Sweetening the mitochondrial deal, the full sequence mitochondrial DNA test is on sale right now at FamilyTreeDNA for Mother’s Day for $139 (through May 9th) which represents a $20 savings.

Click here to learn more and order your mitochondrial DNA test or upgrade if you took an earlier test and you’d like to participate in the landmark, history-making Million Mito Project. When you order or upgrade to a full sequence mtFull test, your haplogroup results become part of the pool that will be utilized to create the new Mitotree through the Million Mito Project.

Build Your Genealogical DNA Pedigree Chart

Don’t forget, to build your DNA pedigree chart, you’ll need to find people to test for the mitochondrial DNA of the ancestors in your tree whose mitochondrial DNA you don’t carry personally.

Men and women both have their mother’s mitochondrial DNA, who has her mother’s, on up the tree in a straight matrilineal line, of course (pink arrow) – but testing your father will provide you with your paternal grandmother’s mitochondrial DNA.

In this chart, the colored hearts track back to the ancestors that color represents – in other words – that person’s matrilineal ancestors.

Who do you know among your current relatives that would be candidates to test to represent specific ancestors? First cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, your Dad? You only need one tester per ancestral line unless there is some uncertainty about the maternal genealogy of that line.

In the webinar, I discuss some of the methods I use to find testing candidates descended from a female ancestor through all women to the current generation, which can be men. Men can test because they have the mitochondrial DNA of their mothers, but men just don’t pass it on to their children. Only mothers pass it on.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Like I said in the webinar, you don’t know what you don’t know. I found an unexpected surprise in my own mother’s line and found a Native ancestor in another line when a cousin tested. I try to locate someone from every ancestral line and provide that person with a mitochondrial DNA testing scholarship.

Even if the match you desperately need to break through that brick wall isn’t there today, your mitochondrial DNA is waiting and fishing 24×7. That match may appear tomorrow or the next day. If you don’t test, that critical match might be waiting for you, but you’ll never know.

There’s no better time to order tests than when they are on sale. The mitochondrial DNA mtFull test normally costs $159 but is on sale, here for $139 now through May 9th.


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16 thoughts on “Mitochondrial DNA Webinar is Free for 5 Days PLUS Mitochondrial DNA Test Now on Sale

  1. Loved the webinar! I went home and made my fan chart to see how many haplotypes I had. I had been to one again recently that only had the surname, no first names and no lineages on another link. I had written the admin before about it without change but this time she did fix it. Last night there were 2 more yDNA surname projects that were the same way. Kit #, last name and nothing to identify ancestors. Is there a reason why I keep coming across this? Thank you.

    • If I’m understanding your question, it’s either because the admin has chosen to set the project up that way, or the people aren’t entering that info.

  2. Your presentation was great, as always. I posted a link to the sale and a link to your mtDNA tab on the Google group, suggesting that doing mtDNA helps with scientific discovery. And I’ve bought more than a few kits for my kith and kin.


    • An upgrade costs less, but I don’t know how much less. I don’t have a kit with a lower level test to check.

  3. An upgrade to the full mitochondrial sequence from a lower level test is only $79 in the current sale which runs to Monday 9 May. This is a $40 saving on the usual upgrade price of $119.

  4. I finally had some time to check this one out, always your explanation are concise, but easy to understand and the tone is always agreeable. You really make these complex subject sound easy and fun.

    So you have ancestors from New Sweden? There were so little of them, I’m super impressed you manage to get a few (yup, ancestors are like pokémons, Charlemagne is a must have in any deck xD). So you have some from Virginia, New England, New Amsterdam, New Sweden and Acadia? That’s quite the entire Atlantic coast…

    What will happen to Dorcas and me? We will finally have each our separate subclades under H2a1, no more big blob encompassing way to many lines under the same haplogroup. I will also know which mutations I share with this 3 mutations away H2a1 man from Azerbaijan, I tried to ask him that much, but it seemed the question was way to technique for him, probably because English is not his first language. I’m sure you have seen these kind of situation in you longer and more intense career.

    I could also help with my paternal grand mother line, although she has only one worthy mutation on a 10,000 years old subclade, if I remember well, but at least it could cut the number of matches.

    • I had the same problem on Chrome / Windows 10, but I was able to play it on my husband’s Windows 11 computer. There must be some setting on my computer that interferes with the playback, but I haven’t the foggiest notion of what it might be.

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