Wringing Every Drop Out of Mitochondrial DNA – FREE Webinar

Please join me on Wednesday, April 27th at 2 PM EDT for Wringing Every Drop out of Mitochondrial DNA at Legacy Family Tree Webinars.


  • In this webinar, we will learn step-by-step how to utilize mitochondrial DNA testing at FamilyTreeDNA to get the most out of your results.
  • We begin with mitochondrial education, then we’ll look at little-known methods to obtain information, even if your match doesn’t have a tree.
  • We’ll talk about using resources such as Geni, WikiTree Ancestry’s ThruLines, MyHeritage’s Theories of Family Relativity, and others to break down mitochondrial brick walls.
  • We’ll discuss FamilyTreeDNA projects and show an example of using mitochondrial DNA in conjunction with autosomal for a slam-dunk.
  • Last, we’ll have an update about The Million Mito Project and why it’s important to you.

You can register at this link and enjoy the webinar for free.

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13 thoughts on “Wringing Every Drop Out of Mitochondrial DNA – FREE Webinar

  1. That was a great webinar! My haplogroup is H5a2 and I was planning on putting together a Shutterfly book for the women in my family in the same haplogroup with photos and historical info. Since a new tree is coming out and my haplogroup may be more defined, should I wait to do this?

  2. I have mostly ignored my mtDNA results 🙁 I have been contacted by matches in the past, but we have usually come up empty. When I look at the ftDNA page for haplogroups, my test showed U4. When I search for U4, it highlights U6a-T16189C!-x. No, I have not upgraded to full sequence, and maybe I should do that.

  3. I got so much from your webinar, and am a bit overwhelmed but will watch it again. This is my question for you:

    I am x2c1 and I have NO 0GD matches, only 5 at 1GD, and then many 2GD. Autosomal testing has not led to any matches outside of my mt-DNA 3rdGr.Grandmother other than her descendants to determine parents or siblings.

    You mentioned in answering a question near the end that Heteroplasmies may be the cause of having no 0GD matches. I do have one – G12007R. Does that mean I should be looking more closely at the 1GD matches (only 5 of them) as possibly being closer than I thought would be indicated by 0GD. None of the 5 do I have autosomal matches with (all have tested at FTDNA).

    Should I be asking the 5 1GD matches if they also have this heteroplasmie at G12007R?

    Thanks for your input!

  4. Is it unusual to have just 4 0GD matches (at the full sequence level) but no 1GD or more distant matches? It seems odd to have zero 1 or 2 GD matches. My haplogroup is K2a3 and my matrilineal line is Irish.

  5. Hi Roberta, your presentation was very detailed. A lot of it is so new to me that I’m trying to absorb it. I just got tested and belong to Haplogroup – H15a1. I have downloaded my tree from ancestry and been trying to upload it to family tree but it only displays me when I have over 550 people. I am not sure but I think the issue may be the emojis that I used to create groups a couple of years ago. I want to watch your vid from roots tech again on what you were doing with the tree. Do you have any cheat sheets or quick and dirty tutorials that you have done or that you know of to help me start putting these results to use? I LOVE your excitement and energy for this topic!

    • I don’t have any specifically about the trees. And yes, the emojis may be causing an issue. You can always call support and see if they can help you. If you have a tree elsewhere, like Ancestry, you can download that one and upload it directly to FTDNA. Those pesky emojis will be gone.

      • Ok, thank you. It looks like I don’t have any gd 0 or gd1 matches. The video they created said I have no matches for my mutation branch. I’m kinda disappointed but still glad I got tested.

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