MyHeritage DNA Uploads This Week – Free Access to ALL DNA Features, Forever

MyHeritage has announced that DNA files uploaded this week, through October 8th, will receive all DNA tools and features, free, forever. This means no unlock fee, not today, not next month, not next year, not ever.

The DNA file upload, matching, and basic DNA features are always free. Normally, unlocking the advanced tools costs $29 – but not now. All DNA features, including advanced ones, are free if you upload this week.

It’s always a good thing to fish in multiple genetic ponds. You’re sure to match some of the 7.3 million testers at MyHeritage. In my case, I have more than 16,600 matches, many of whom are found nowhere else. That’s true for my European ancestral lineages and some US cousins who tested there and not elsewhere, including two close matches.

When you upload, you’ll receive these tools:

What a great value!

Click here to upload now.

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31 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Uploads This Week – Free Access to ALL DNA Features, Forever

  1. Roberta, do you know if this can apply to older uploads? I manage a lot of kits for folks I’m helping and in some case I did not use the unlock option. Can that be done now? Or should I reload kits that I’m still working on?


    • It’s only new uploads, so you’d need to delete those and reload them. Try one first to make sure it works. It should.

  2. I uploaded some DNA kits yesterday and in the afternoon received a phone call from My Heritage asking me to renew my membership.  I was told the tools listed under DNA tools would be free in this promotion but I wouldn’t be able to see any of my matches’ trees unless I had a paid subscription.  Maybe the salesperson was mistaken.  I don’t know.

    • I reached out to MyHeritage and they said this was not accurate. However, since the upload is free and so are the DNA tools, why not try it?

      • Thank you. I need to get on the horn with them since the guy talked me into renewing my subscription to see the trees too.

        • Well, that isn’t working so well. I’ve hit redial about 100 times so I’ve cancelled my renewing subscription after it expires in over 400 days…

  3. I like MyHeritage but I’ve been very disappointed in their photo time identifier feature. I was so excited about this feature but only a very few photos were identified as to the time frame and I already knew the time frame on those. The very main photos I wanted identified as to the time MyHeritage didn’t identify. I’ve been very disappointed.

  4. I uploaded my DNA two days ago and still haven’t received an email that they have finished running it. I keep getting paywalls.

    • I checked. They said their official time is 5-7 days but it’s sometimes shorter. They said if you sign in to your account and navigate to the DNA tab, you should see the status.

  5. Do you have an article explaining how to do this? (I did the testing with FT DNA.) I remember trying to figure out how to upload it to My Heritage a couple of years ago and wasn’t successful. I think I need step-by-step instructions. 

  6. Is it better to upload an FTDNA file from a 2013 test, or a 23andMe file from their v. 5 chip? Thanks for any guidance on this!

  7. Is the ability to bulk download DNA matches and segments at MyHeritage still functioning? It seems to have disappeared along with seeing any triangulated segments for matches that were there a few weeks ago.

  8. Hi, thanks for this info.
    I uploaded 3 elderly relatives dna to MH several years ago did the $29 unlock. Do I now need to upload these again?
    The triangulation symbol no longer appears on shared matches, as of last week. Is it that function which is paused?

  9. Hey, I have uploaded raw DNA data to My Heritage on the 18th of October and 8 days have passed and I still don’t have any results (I know this offer has expired, I just want to get ordinary results). Is it normal? I started to worry. I really care about this because these are the data of my grandmother, whose birthday is on Friday, i.e. tomorrow, and I wanted to show her these results as a gift

    • Right now, results are slow. Their offices are fine but they have had employees killed in the war and called for duty.

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