MyHeritage DNA Transfer and Unlock FREE Through February 28th

You can always transfer your DNA file to MyHeritage and receive matches for free if you’ve tested at Ancestry, 23andMe, or FamilyTreeDNA.

A free DNA file upload at MyHeritage always includes matching, but the advanced tools normally require either a $29 one-time unlock fee, or a Complete Data Plan subscription which includes genealogical records and more. (You can try the subscription free for 14 days, here.)

Right now, and through February 28th, you can transfer your DNA for free AND the $29 unlock fee is forever waived for the kits you transfer during this timeframe.

Free Advanced Features

What advanced features will you receive, in addition to matching?

These are wonderful tools for unraveling your genealogy.

Perfect Timing with RootsTech

The timing is great, because this week with RootsTech happening virtually, absolutely everyone is thinking about genealogy. Your transfer can be complete and ready for you to utilize as you select DNA-focused classes.

Don’t forget, RootsTech is free too and lasts from February 25-27 this year. I wrote about RootsTech, here. You can still sign up and watch sessions at any time, on-demand, after the conference opens. You’ll find several presentations by MyHeritage staff and by other speakers about using their products.

I’ll be teaching a session about Triangulation in general, including information about MyHeritage as well as other vendors who offer this type of feature.

Transfer your DNA file to MyHeritage now by clicking here so you’ll be ready.

Need Help?

Need transfer instructions?

I wrote step-by-step instructions about how to download your file from other vendors and how to upload to MyHeritage, here.



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20 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Transfer and Unlock FREE Through February 28th

  1. one of the advantages of MyHeritage is the autoclusters, but their database is small compared to 23andme and especially to ancestry. You can do a roll-your-own clustering with 23andme, probably not as good as the one at MyHeritage but interesting nonetheless for revealing linkages.

    On 23andme you can select “relatives in common” when exploring a match with someone and for everyone in common it will show both their estimate of how you are related to a person in common and their estimate of how the match is related to that person. It turns out with a little programming you can download this list for each of your matches from 23andme (or at least could a year ago when I did it), then with some more programming you can create clusters. For example for every one of your 2nd & 3rd cousins you can find out relatives you have in common, then create a diagram where that cousin is linked to the name of the person in common. The hope is you’d end up with clusters of people that you are related to and with the relationship between them drawn.

    • You can use Genetic Affairs cluster tool at 23andMe too. The 23andMe data base is larger, but it doesn’t matter because they cut your matches off at 2000 minus people who don’t participate in matching unless you subscribe. Without those matches and without trees, MyHeritage is much more useful.

  2. Hello and thanks
    What if your DNA was already transferred over. Will MyHeritage allow those to unlock the features for free too?

  3. I uploaded my data today, Feb 23 using your but I only see the option for the 14 day free trial. How do we access the permanent free offer? Thanks.

  4. So do I delete my DNA from My Heritage and reload it to get the free features? Seems a bit daft, and another instance where current customers don’t get the same perks as new customers.

    • It’s like a sale. If you bought the week before, you just did. They are trying to expend the database to help all if us with new matches. You can delete your kit. If you have Theories you’ll lose them until next run. They may sense that the kit was previously uploaded. I don’t know. They did when I accidentally tried to upload the same kit twice.

  5. In late 2018 early 2019 I tested my mother and myself using the Ancestry DNA test and also using the Family Tree DNA Family Finder mtfull sequence test on my mother and using the Family Finder and YDNA67 on myself So my questions are;
    1. Should I be downloading each of these 4 tests and uploading each of these 4 test so each one would exist on Family Tree DNA, MYHeritage and Gedmatch? e.g is there any advantage in uploading Ancestry tests to FTDNA if I have already tested both of us using FTDNA tests? I do understand that I cannot upload tests to Ancestry.

    2. When you upload tests to another Vendor do you only have to register once e.g. in MyHeritage then load all 4 tests under the one registration or is each test unique and under it’s own registrations/login?

    I know I’m running out of time to upload to MyHeritage and get the free unlock so would appreciate an answer ASAP

    • You only need one test for each of you at each vendor. You cannot upload Y and mtDNA. At MyHeritage, you upload under your account, unless the other person has an account and wants to manage their own DNA. Sorry so brief. On phone and swamped today.

  6. In later 2018 early 2019 I tested both my mother and myself using Ancestry DNA tests and FTDNA Family Finder mtfull sequence test on my mother and FTDNA test; Family Finder and YDNA67 on myself lMy questions is;
    1. Should I be up-loading all 4 of these tests so they all exist onFamily Tree DNA, MyHeritage and GedMatch?

    2. is there any reason to add Ancestry test to FT DNA as I have already tested with FTDNA

    3. When you upload a test to a Vendor is each test being uploaded a unique registration/login or do they all appear under your 1 registration? e.g. will my 4 DNA Tests all appear in MYHeritage under my one registration/login or will I have 4 registrations/logins

    I know it late to ask this with the myHeritage free unlock just days away but I hope you can help ASAP

  7. Help! I just saw this offer in my inbox and decided to take advantage. I uploaded my raw data from 23 And Me and it is showing up as “invalid” on My Heritage. It looks like they don’t support the file??? Any clues as to what happened? Did I try to view it too soon? The “Help” on My Heritage wasn’t helpful.

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