Kitty Cooper’s Chromsome Mapping Tool Released

I haven’t had time to try this yet, but I can hardly wait.  Kitty Cooper’s chromosome mapping tool enables those who have taken one of the autosomal tests from Family Tree DNA or 23andMe and downloaded matches to map the segments that you know are associated with certain ancestral lines on your chromosomes with a color key.

The genetic genealogy community has been anxiously waiting for this tool.  You can find it here:

Until now, we were relegated to keeping this kind of information on a spreadsheet.  I covered how to do this in my blog on Autosomal Triangulation and also in one of the Autosomal Me segments.

vannoy table 1

But thanks to Kitty, we can take the information above and make it look like the example below from Kitty’s blog.

kitty's chromosome mapping

We can’t think you enough Kitty!!!  Way to go!  Woohoo!

25 thoughts on “Kitty Cooper’s Chromsome Mapping Tool Released

  1. Roberta,
    Thanks so much for sharing this. I am starting to identify cousins and wanted some way to track the chromosome segments by ancestors.

  2. It doesn’t work. I enter my file, the little arrow spins, stops spinning and there’s nothing. A few more precise instructions for the computer illiterate would be welcomed here.

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