DNA Day Prices and Vendors’ Best Features

DNA Day always produces great sales at the DNA testing companies. Here’s a breakdown of the prices available this week and the best autosomal feature of each vendor.

Company Regular Price Sale Price Ethnicity Matching to other testers Additional Tools Best Feature
FamilyTreeDNA – Family Finder *1 *2 79 49 Yes Yes Yes Maternal and paternal bucketing of matches without parents testing
MyHeritageDNA *5 79 59 Yes Yes Yes Theories of Family Relativity, triangulation
AncestryDNA *2 *6 99 69 Yes Yes Yes Data base size
23andMe Ancestry *3 99 99 Yes Yes Yes Ethnicity breakdown by chromosome segment
LivingDNA *4 99 59 Yes No *4 No Focus on British Isles

*1 – Family Tree DNA also sells both Y and mitochondrial DNA tests. For information on sale prices for those products, please see this article.

*2 – Sale ends April 25th.

*3 – The 23andme Ancestry plus Health test is on sale here for $169 versus the normal price of $199. Sale ends May 13th. Free shipping.

*4 – Sale expiration date not provided. LivingDNA’s matching has been in a very preliminary stage for months, and while I feel confident that eventually they will have viable matching, today matching should not be considered in a purchase decision.

*5 – Sale ends April 28th. Free shipping with purchase of 2 or more kits.

*6 – Free shipping through Amazon on Ancestry test at this link.

Test yourself and close family members (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.), especially the older generations, to make full use of the tools and matching.

Fishing in all the ponds either directly or by transfer assures that you don’t miss that critical match.

Many of these prices only last 2 more days.




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9 thoughts on “DNA Day Prices and Vendors’ Best Features

  1. I had no idea LivingDNA focused on the British Isles. Huh. Learn something new every day. I’m in the other pools except for 23andme. I uploaded on DNA day last year. But, I can’t see matches. It’s okay as one match contacted me when she saw our 2x great-grandparents on Wikitree. And another match is one of my dad’s first cousins. Maybe I’ll do the test some day. Not sure since I am on the biggest database and on all the other sites mentioned.

    Still, it’s a good idea to cast a wide net and see what you find!

  2. I would suggest Living DNA’s best feature is that they provide mitochondrial DNA and Y-DNA testing, in addition to autosomal DNA testing, all for the same price or lower than just the atDNA test via the other services (well, I guess FTDNA has underbid them for this sale).

    • LivingDNA and 23andme give you Y and mtDNA haplogroups, but nothing more on those tests. Family Tree DNA will be providing that shortly too. Haplogroups aren’t nearly as important as matching, which LivingDNA doesn’t provide at this point.

  3. I would have said that the best feature of LivingDNA is the free year of full access to FindMyPast.

  4. My daughters dna report and mine …her mom were identical. I have no trust in 23 and me nor AncestryDNA. Their test report I received were wrong. My daughter and zi do not have same parents.

    • When you say they were wrong, I’m guessing you are talking about ethnicity. That could be the same. Ethnicity is only an estimate and accurate at the continental level.

  5. After 2.5 years I finally get something from LivingDNA regarding their, “…brand new Living DNA experience.” From what I can see, it seems that if I opt-in to sharing with their Family Networks, all I’ll get is the opportunity to buy a book or books that will give me generic historical accounts for each ethnicity they find in my DNA story.

    Given their long delay in getting to this point, do you still feel as confident as you did in April, when you wrote, “…in a very preliminary stage for months, and while I feel confident that eventually they will have viable matching…”?

    After waiting since February 2017, I’m not sure I’ll ever get anything from them except the pretty pictures and the generic historical accounts for each area they isolate within my DNA.

    Best Regards,

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