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Every year we look forward to Family Tree DNA’s DNA Day sale which starts today and ends April 25th.

This year, virtually everything is on sale – single tests, bundles of different tests, upgrades and even SNP packs for Y DNA testers.

For those who need a primer on the different kinds of tests, the article 4 Kinds of DNA for Genetic Genealogy is a quick read.

DNA Day 2019 single tests

Bundles are great values.

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If you’ve already taken a Y DNA test, now’s the time to upgrade!

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I wrote about the Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 upgrade and what to expect here.

Know what you want already?

Click here to order!

If you’re a new customer, purchase from the main page.

If you already have an account, sign in and click on “Add Ons and Upgrades” at the top right above the banner on your personal page.

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Even SNP Packs for Advanced Y Testers are on Sale

Please note that if you have taken or upgrade to the Big Y test, you don’t need to purchase a SNP pack.

SNP packs are an upgrade for those men who have already tested Y DNA STR panels 12, 25, 37, 67 or 111 who seek to verify haplogroup branches on the Y tree without taking the Big Y test. The good news is that SNP packs are less expensive than the Big Y. The bad news is that SNP packs test only a fraction of the available SNPs and they make no new discoveries. If you’re uncertain about what to purchase, I would recommend talking to your surname or haplogroup administrator about your goals for testing.

My personal preference is for the Big Y-700 because of the advanced testing capabilities, the additional STR markers, additional matches and the fact that discoveries can be made with the Big Y test. In other words, new SNPs, meaning potential new haplogroups can be discovered with the Big Y, while SNP packs test existing SNPs to place a person further down on the tree.

If you’re interested in SNP packs, they are almost never on sale, but they are now.

DNA Day 2019 SNP pack.png

If you want to order a SNP pack, click here to sign on to your account, then click on the blue upgrade button beside your Y DNA results.

DNA Day 2019 Y upgrade button.png

Next, you’ll see several selections, so click on “Buy Now” under Advanced Tests.

DNA Day 2019 advanced test.png

Next, select SNP Pack.

DNA Day 2019 SNP pack select.png

Then choose the appropriate SNP pack for your haplogroup and testing goals.

No matter which tests you select, you’ll be enjoying the results and new matches soon!



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12 thoughts on “DNA Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. As a person following this site am a little miffed as I just ordered less than two weeks before this sale ANOTHER YDNA-67 and spent the full amount.

    • I bought a new car and two days later, a sale began. As consumers, there is always that risk. However, if they to have told us 2 weeks ago that a sale was coming, the people who bought a week before that would be upset too.

    • You receive a lot of information in a full sequence mitochondrial DNA testing. A more refined haplogroup, matching to others, locations of where the haplogroup is found in the world, locations of the ancestors of your matches, a matches map and the ability to join projects, for just a few.

  2. Do you recommend that we still believe in FTDNA while they have been massively delaying Family Finder tests recently and many people (me included) have been waiting for over 8 weeks to get their results?

    Most probably, the reason is an ongoing transition to a new chip, but that important change was never published anywhere by FTDNA and even their customer support seems not to have been informed. Instead, they keep telling us “please wait for 7 to 10 work days” and then again after that time has passed…

    I know they are legitimate, led by a genealogist, offer Y-DNA and are kind of the oldest… But if nothing else, then they are ar least very bad communicators. I have already been hearing from people they were not going to buy anything in this sale before they get to see the results of their tests that had been batched several months ago 🙁

    • Yes, I still believe in Family Tree DNA. Every vendor has delays from time to time. I’d rather them get it right than release something half-baked. I understand that it’s frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. Having said that, communications is not their strength. I suspect they have run into multiple challenged and always expect it to be resolved “soon.” Kind I’d like my current home repair project where one thing keeps leading to another. I’ve ordered 3 tests during the sale because I’m only hurting myself to delay.

      • Thank you for your opinion, I have shared it with my group. Just now, Family Tree DNA sent out an e-mail in which they explain the reasons of the recent Family Finder delay, beg to be excused and promise to get back on the rails as of May. That is good news, but they should have done that a month ago.

  3. Thank you for the heads up! I bought Mitochondrial for myself, and I’m purchasing an upgrade for the last of the three Y tests I administer–again–he had begun at 12 SNPs some years ago. 37 SNPs revealed only three matches, and none so far (12, 25, 37) have the same surname as my tester…none are Family Finder matches. I would like to see if more SNPs will help. Thinking of 67, but 111 is tempting (how much more it might help I don’t know). And I am trying to decide whether to purchase the SNP Pack: my tester’s “on paper” genealogy only goes as far back as the tester’s 4GGP, but I hope it will help me place my tester within a group of descendants. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  5. Hi,
    I ordered a full MTDNA analysis on the 21st November last year. I have been very disappointed to find that I only had one match at HVR1 level. The two experts in my FTDNA name groups both agree that this is very unusual, and FTDNA say they have re-checked the test but with the same results.

    Any ideas why this should occur. I thought the MTDNA test would be very helpful with my studies… I also did a Y-111 test. Consequently I know that my Y Haplogroup is R-M269 and my MTDNA group is H13A2A



    • I suspect the answer is found in your extra and missing mutations. Those act as your personal filters.

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