Cilantro – Love It or Hate It

This falls into the “just for fun” category.

I received this e-mail from 23andMe a few weeks ago.


I found this interesting, so I clicked on the “see my report” link.


I don’t like cilantro, but it doesn’t taste like soap to me, just bitter.


This genetic connection was reported in two papers written by 23andMe and is found on two different genetic locations, one described above, and one, below.


On this same page, my family and cousins were listed by group of who carries which version of the gene. I found that interesting, so I decided to ask and see how reality stacked up to genetic prediction.

I texted my kids to see if they liked Cilantro, and the fact that they were excited, thinking I had found a new recipe to try, gave me the answer.  They both do.  I don’t.  Let’s see how this stacks up to those two marker values and their cumulative predictions.

Rs2741762 Rs3930459 Actually Likes or Dislikes
Son Typical odds like/dislike Higher odds of disliking Likes
Daughter Typical odds like/dislike Typical odds like/dislike Likes
Me Lower odds of disliking Higher odds of disliking Dislikes

Looking at this information, my son should probably dislike Cilantro, my daughter would have normal odds of liking or disliking it, and if I averaged, I’d fall in the middle too, but that’s not how it worked out in real life.

10 thoughts on “Cilantro – Love It or Hate It

  1. I don’t know what my genes say, but I love cilantro. I just bought a bunch of it. I’m also a non-taster and I really enjoy cruciferous vegetables, dark chocolate, and black coffee, so maybe that’s part of the reason why I’m not picking up bitter notes.

  2. I don’t know what the prediction would be for me since I haven’t tested at 23andMe, but I do like it. I can slightly detect those flavors that I suspect other people consider to be soapy when I eat it plain.

  3. I haven’t tested with 23andMe (I live in NY so I can’t) but I can definitely say I cannot stand cilantro in its leaf form. When it’s dried coriander, that’s okay, but the smell of cilantro leaves makes me instantly nauseated. I was walking in a plant nursery once and right away, I felt sick. I looked around to see what row we were in and sure enough – you guessed it – we were in the cilantro aisle. I love cooking with coriander but the plant itself in its natural form is like being carsick, airsick and seasick all at the same time.

  4. How can one not like the aroma of cilantro! It is soooo good in pico sauce!! Don’t know how I would like it with anything else, so wonder if it’s a matter of genes or just a good cook? 🙂

  5. I don’t have either marker. I like it because it grows like a weed and I can still pick a handfull even when the temperatures are dipping to zero. Love fresh greens in the winter.

  6. That’s funny – basil smells bad to me. Tastes good, but smells awful.

    My cat loves cilantro. Cat nip to him. He furiously rubs against my hands when I’ve been using it.

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