Family Tree DNA New YouTube Channel

Family Tree DNA has introduced a new YouTube channel.  Take a look at this video – Discover the Journey of You.

If you are active in the Genetic Genealogy community, you’ll see people and names you’ll probably recognize, including yours truly.  This was filmed, in part, at the Family Tree DNA sponsored International Conference for Genetic Genealogy in November of 2011.

I want to say congratulations to Lenny Trujillo, one of the people featured in this video.  Lenny is one of my clients and made wonderful discoveries beginning with his DNA test.  His discoveries have continued as a result of the doors opened by his DNA.

Eventually, Lenny also took the WTY test, and it was through Lenny that we discovered a new, critical, SNP for Native Americans which further identified the Native American haplogroup, Q1a3a.

See what can happen as a result of swabbing… can make history for yourself and your family, discover your ancestors and contribute to science that will help others as well.



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2 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA New YouTube Channel

  1. Ref. Lenny Trujillo – his Z780 which FTDNA has classified as M3 – “Proposing” he is of Native American lineage. They are assuming this is a North American lineage…. are there any Q – Z780 mutations in Far Eastern China, India ?

    Using Trujillo as a “selling point” for FTDNA testing……

    There are only perhaps two or three others who have tested positive for Z780 and their lineages are located in North America. I think this Q1a3a haplogroup classification might be too premature until more testing has been done in Europe and Asia. Early 1600 immigrants to Virginia were Asian Indians… did they bring Z780 with them ?

    The Lawson/Hooker/Crow clans are positive for Z780 and all trace their lineage to Virginia & North Carolina – from a common ancestor during the early 1700’s. I can’t believe Z780 is so rare, that those lineages might have been annihilated by European diseases on the east coast of the Americas. More likely the common ancestor was Asian/European.

    John Young

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