Family Tree Magazine’s Best Genealogy Websites for 2023

Family Tree Magazine has just released its 101 best-of-the-best genealogy websites for 2023, grouped into categories. I’m quite honored that DNAeXplain is included in the Best Genetic Genealogy Websites category.

Congratulations to the other sites as well. You can read more about each one of the genetic genealogy sites here.

In addition, Family Tree Magazine is giving away a prize package here, to celebrate. I’ve entered! Who doesn’t want helpful tools for their genealogy.

OK, What Can I Do With This?

Having a list is quite nice, but beyond that, what can you do with this?

Are there companies whose products and services you’ve never tried?

Here’s one sentence about each of the winners in the genetic genealogy category with something you might not know:

  • 23andMe – Did you know 23andMe constructs a genetic tree for you based on your matches?
  • DNAeXplained – Did you know that DNAeXplain offers more than 1600 free step-by-step “how-to” articles and pages on a wide variety of topics, and you can search by keyword or surname in the search box?
  • DNAPainter – Did you know that DNAPainter offers a blog, videos and 15 different tools in addition to their famous chromosome painting?
  • FamilyTreeDNA – Did you know that FamilyTreeDNA offers both Y and mitochondrial DNA testing in addition to autosomal DNA testing and uploads where they bucket your matches maternally or paternally based on segment matches to people you link in your tree?
  • GEDmatch – Did you know that GEDmatch offers 13 free tools in addition to 15 Tier 1 (subscription) tools, including segment search and cluster tools from Genetic Affairs not available elsewhere?
  • ISOGG – Did you know that ISOGG was founded in 2005 to provide information about genetic genealogy, is free, and run by volunteers?
  • Your DNA Guide – Did you know that Diahan Southard at Your DNA Guide provides courses, free tools, and DNA coaching?

The Larger List

Of course, genetic genealogy is one of many tools in the genealogist’s toolbox, and no one is good at everything. We need specialists with a focus on and passion for specific topics.

Have you visited each of these websites on the list to see if they have something relevant for you?

Here’s one I love. David Rumsey’s Map Collection. He scans and provides absolutely AMAZING historical maps. I don’t know David, but if I ever meet him, he’s going to get a big hug and maybe some chocolate too!😊 I use these maps all the time. I want to see what the area where my ancestors lived was like when they lived there. David very graciously makes his 122,000 maps available for use under the creative commons license.

I encourage you to take a look at each site on the list. Even if there is nothing useful for you currently, you never know when you might need whatever that site has to offer. It’s always a good thing to expand your horizons.

Maybe you can discover something new about an ancestor today!

Have fun!


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