Did You Receive New Theories of Family Relativity at MyHeritage?

MyHeritage updates Theories of Family Relativity periodically, and this is your lucky week. MyHeritage updated Theories and new Theories about shared ancestors with your matches may be waiting for you!

I received an email that I had new Theories, and when I signed on and clicked on DNA, I was greeted by this banner.

I always make notes when I review Theories, so it’s easy for me to tell which Theories I haven’t yet reviewed. They don’t have notes. The notes icon turns purple when you enter and save something.

I received six new Theories this week.

Click to enlarge

I love that MyHeritage shows you exactly how they make these potential connections. I have five different paths to consider for this Theory, and MyHeritage shows me the confidence level that these are the same people. I can click on the other person’s tree or historical documents if that’s what MyHeritage used, in addition to trees.

Theories are there to help you make genealogical connections, so take full advantage of this tool. Did you receive new Theories?

If your DNA isn’t yet at MyHeritage, now’s a great time to either order a DNA test or upload your DNA file from a different vendor for free, plus create or upload a tree, so you’ll be ready for the next update.


I’ve written about Theories of Family Relativity, how to get them, and how to use them, in the following articles.



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9 thoughts on “Did You Receive New Theories of Family Relativity at MyHeritage?

  1. Um, no I didn’t. I had 17 before, and now I have zero. But there’s a reason: I uploaded a new tree to MH in April, and deleted my old trees. MH has not provided me with Record Matches yet. Since ToFR depends on Smart matches and Record matches to flesh out the ToFR, the ToFR matches were not created for me or my other two kits attached to my tree. Bad timing, I guess.

    • To identify your common ancestor. Until you have the Theory you can’t evaluate it. Also if you use DNAPainter to paint your matches and segments.

  2. I found some new suggestions – down to 20cms the suggested Theories seem good however below that some of them are good but others are spurious – I am still happy to receive these suggestions as it does reveal good matches that I hadn’t noticed before

  3. I have 6 new theories. I had 51 theories and I now have 57 theories. Two of the 51 are obvious rejects. I have not reviewed the 6 new ones but several look good.

    I have about 1728 relatives in my MyHeritage Tree. I started at MyH with an upload from FTDNA and the $10 deal to give me all the features. This started me getting theories, but I could only have 500 relatives in my tree. A year later I decided to do a MyHeritage DNA test to see if it affected my matches (answer – very little). I also get their intro deal on the advanced features for the new test. Both tests refer to the same tree. This let me add a lot more relatives to my tree, which affects theories.

    This year I dropped paying for the special features for the MyHeritage DNA test data. This means I cannot add more relatives to the tree. But the good news was that they let me keep all the relatives that I had added. Also, I have all the theories that I got when I paid for subscription and I am still getting more theories, even though I no longer pay the subscription.

  4. I got one more, but am hesitant to confirm it since the theory has my 2G grandmother with the wrong mother. I wish there were a way to suggest changes or leave notes on the theory for the owners of the trees they are using to support it. Is this something that they are considering?

  5. My new ToFR match clearly shows that we have the same great grandmother but have different great grandfathers which is correct. My Heritage reports that as 2nd cousins instead of half second cousins. Does MH not consider half cousins?

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