Happy Whatever Kind of Holidays You Celebrate

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this holiday season, I wish you light, much joy and cheer.

Perhaps your heart is singing because you’re with family you haven’t seen in three years now.

Or, maybe you’re making new memories, with new friends, someplace different.

Or perhaps you flew the coop and you’re not “staying home” at all.

Maybe you’re not visiting someone else either.

Perhaps you’re gathering someplace new, making memories you never imagined possible, penning a brand-spanking-new chapter.

Far, far from home.

Maybe the old surroundings were just too painful.

Because a loved one slipped away. Remember them as their most beautiful selves – inside and out.

Take them with you in your soul. They are part of you and your new journey, guiding and protecting you along the way.

Life has changed a lot in the past few years, months and even weeks. There is more than one kind of death.

Maybe your life is in complete disarray, down to bare bones and seriously “under construction.” Nothing in its place or where it belongs, wherever that might be.

Maybe you feel like this chapter will never end.

I’m so with you on this one, but sooner-or-later, it will. Perhaps one day, you will even laugh at this adventure, “the good old days,” once it’s a distant memory of course.

Maybe you feel like you just can’t face tomorrow, or don’t want to. I’ve had those “I just want to stay in bed” days recently.

Too many of them.

But then, I glance up and I’m reminded of the simple beauty there just for the viewing. An envoy sent by Mother Nature.

Hi baby!

I’m holding you in the light and wishing you warm and sunny days. Basking in beauty

The fog and grey does lift and gives way to the glorious sunshine.

Sometimes sunshine is delivered in the form of a flower.

Or a few.

Or “furever” puppy love when you’ve rescued someone in desperate, life-threatening need.

Morning comes, even from the longest and darkest of nights. Just ask Savoy. He may be blind and can only use three legs now, but he feels love deeply and says that love and friendship arrives when you’ve given up and least expect it – in surprise packages.

Like, you, for instance.

Lighting the way for another illuminates the path for you too.

Sometimes small things are the biggest and mean so much – arriving just when you need them.

Sometimes the past just has to stay there. Cut those binding anchor ropes and float free.

Perhaps you need to light up your life with something new. Someplace new.

Dive right in and keep moving forward.

I know it sounds like a bird-brained idea, but let your imagination take flight.

May you embark on a grand new adventure.

And perhaps gain a new and different perspective along the way.

Sometimes, releasing, giving away, downsizing and beginning anew is actually gaining, not reducing.

Perspectives change. Maybe your “things” are seeds for another.

May your waters be calm, and your smiles reflect glorious happiness.

May new memories weave their way into the fiber of the old as you paddle your way through life’s currents.

May you decorate your life in unconventional ways.

Even if the familiar is completely gone. Sometimes we just have to seize the moment and redecorate our own lives.

Take a deep breath. Refresh and renew.

If old traditions are painful, leave them behind and make a new one.

Even if you need to be incognito.

Don’t displace your sense of humor😊

Wherever life has taken you, and wherever you find yourself, I wish you safe journey, safe harbour and smiles as you savor the path along the way.

Even if the trip has has been long and you’ve had to wait awhile.

Don’t worry though, because I’m sure Santa can always find you.

May your ancestors visit or at least send a message, share their wisdom and sustain you this holiday season.

And maybe, if you’ve been very, VERY good, they’ll even tell you who their parents were!


Oh wait, wait – sorry – I think maybe Santa drifted off and fell asleep again.

Their names are John Smith and Mary, last name unknown, but probably Jones, at least I think that’s what it says. There you go!


Your ancestors, John and Mary, followed their path, from who-knows-where to some county where all the records burned.

For all we don’t know about them, we know that eventually, they begat the people who begat the people who begat you. All those tiny, seemingly unimportant choices made a HUGE difference.

You descend from a long line of dreamers and adventurers, on that journey of life through the land called Unknown.

May your life be blessed so that you, in turn, can make a difference. Opportunities exist at nearly every turn.

Light a candle. Change the darkness.

Fulfillment isn’t about what we get, but what we have the privilege to contribute, the differences we make in the lives of others.

When you have taken that final step on your winding and uncertain path and are ready to walk on, may you look back upon your footprints and reflect upon a very long and cluttered trail, strewn with all of differences that you made.

Happy Holidays

40 thoughts on “Happy Whatever Kind of Holidays You Celebrate

  1. Dear Roberta, I wish you and your friend Savoy a safe and Happy Christmas, or as you say, whatever you celebrate. I hope that your house (mis)adventures are sorting themselves out so you can enjoy some down time.
    Debi Eatherley, a fan in Toronto

  2. Roberta,thank you very much for sharing your memories, thoughts,
    and love.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
    Marilyn Burnett Garner
    Signal Mountain, Tennessee

  3. Very nice photos!! Hey, I had asked a question quite a while ago about my mother saying her bio father was part native american. Everyone else in our family is white. She never met her father but was told by her mother that this native man was her father. My brother and I have both had DNA done and neither of us have even 1% native in us and he would have been our grandfather! How far down the gene pool will it show any dna from him?

    • If your grandfather was fully Native, then you would assuredly show something. I would suggest you look at your closest matches and divide them into 4 groups. You’ll recognize three groups – from three of your grandparents. The fourth group is your mystery grandfather. If your Mom can test, that’s even better. After the first of the year, I’ll finish the “In Search of” series. That should help you. Check it out.

  4. Soon to be 82yrs old, I’ve learned to “expect the unexpected” and found that “every day is a New Adventure”! Enjoy & Take Care………….

  5. And Holiday blessings to you Roberta. You are a treasured contact on my genealogy watch list.

  6. Back atchya Roberta! Your educational presentations have been a big help to me and your newsletters continue to provide insight and inspiration! So glad I found you!! Happy Holidays, Terri Harris

  7. I had some bad news today and your long list of reflections and good wishes, with photos yet, cheered me up. By the way, are you sure you’re in the USA? You used the British spelling for both “grey” and “harbour” That gave me a little chuckle too. I’m an “old” ESL teacher in Canada. Merry Christmas!

  8. Your words are always inspirational and motivating, regardless of the topic. Thanks for another uplifting post, sharing your wisdom and just what I needed to hear. Happy Holidays to you!

  9. How did you get a picture of my genealogy/quilting room?☺️ But mine has a bed in it too. I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

    • Hopefully mine will have a bed soon too. My cousin has a Murphy Bed in her quilt room and uses the top to cut.

  10. I Wish You, Roberta and your DNAeXplained everyone, a Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/or any celebration one chooses during this time. I’m sure all of us are inspired by your special stories, and todays’ is no exception! Be well, and know all of us are thankful for you.

  11. Sometimes the best things to read are anothers thoughts and feelings. When we feel the same way it makes it even better. This whimsical post is beautiful. This is the type of post your descendants will enjoy reading about you as a person. Happy Holidays.

  12. And a Happy Holidays to you too, lovely Roberta. Your blog had brought light and happiness, smiles and tears, and knowledge and understanding through the long, dark nights of the past few years. Thank you.

  13. Awww… Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! And Thank You for this wonderful heart-felt post. Much appreciated today…

  14. Oh, Roberta, you really did it this time! Your comments were personal, most of which could have been addressed only to me. Actually, most I could hear myself saying to others. Thank you for all you do for our John and Marys (Jones). I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hunting New Year.

  15. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays to you and your family. A distant cousin and follower who receives great joy from your words and knowledge.

  16. Happy Holidys to you my sister of the heart. So looking forward to 2023 reading more if your articles 💞

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