Amazing Time-Machine at MyHeritage – Hot Diggity!!!!

Look at what MyHeritage has gone and done!

Yes, this is “me,” or rather the Cowgirl version of me that MyHeritage created using artificial intelligence (AI) in their new time machine.

Oh my gosh this is just so doggone much fun.

This literally comes under the category of “I am my ancestors.”

MyHeritage has just introduced a new time machine. You upload between 10 and 25 photos of yourself – and voila!

The AI technology places you in various vintages, and a few minutes later, take a look a the new you.

Or maybe an adventurous you.

I posted this on my social media account last night, VERY late, and my husband told me this morning that he needs to talk to me about what I was doing at the recent conference I attended.

These photos look just that real.

He hasn’t seen anything yet!

Astronaut me.

Punk-rocker me.

Flower child me. That’s it! I’m getting purple-streaked hair!

Which “me” shall I use for my social media profile? Maybe a new one every single day.

I’m uploading one of these as my profile photo at MyHeritage and elsewhere.

Thank you so much, MyHeritage!!!

You can have this much fun too – and it’s free.

Here are the categories I received, but MyHeritage fits your photo to the categories that are best suited. Other people have received different categories that I don’t have and vice versa.

This amazing feature is free, but I suspect MyHeritage places a limit on the number of free images that are generated without a subscription. I have a full subscription, so I’ll be experimenting with photos of family members. This might just make a fun holiday collage or maybe print these and use them as table place cards or gift package name tags. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Update: If you’re using the free version, meaning you’re not signed in as a member:

  • I suggest leaving that browser window open so you’ll know when the images are ready, in case you don’t receive the email.
  • Download the images if you like them, because if you don’t and need to do it later, you’ll need to pay the $9.95 for 20 themes which is 160 images.

If you need a subscription, you can subscribe with a 14-day free trial here. There’s far more there than just these cool photos, but today is officially “I am my ancestor day.”

Take your bad self over to MyHeritage and try the time machine, here. Which new you do you like best?


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13 thoughts on “Amazing Time-Machine at MyHeritage – Hot Diggity!!!!

  1. Yeah, fun. But do we want them to have 10-25 photos of ourselves? I’m not completely comfortable with that to be honest.

    • If you’re concerned, then by all means don’t. I’ve uploaded so many photos over the years to Facebook and other places that I’m not concerned about MyHeritage. That said, I NEVER click on those social media “free” things. There is no such thing as a free lunch and those places are gathering data by placing trackers on your account. We know what MyHeritage wants. Subscribers for genealogy. I feel safe with them. They already know a whole lot about my family, not to mention my DNA, and so do the other genealogy sites – including photos.

  2. Favorite – Viking for sure ! but I do love that purple streaked hair.

    I have a MyHeritage account. Do they have one of a woman with big feet behind a plow and two oxen?? I am afraid that is all I qualify for !!

  3. I did this an hour and a half ago and never received the email with the link. Did check spam folders and it’s the correct email. Now when I go on the page it’s acting like I already did it and got results and when I try to do it again it’s asking me to pay. The page that said to wait is gone so I can’t see if it can take longer than 90 minutes. Disappointed if I never get the free trial.

    • I just left that browser page open and I could see when it was ready. Use a different browser to try again and leave it open. Their servers may be overwhelmed today.

  4. Or how to have fun with Genealogy! It doesn’t always have to be about DNA, SNPs, STRs, and cMs! This is way cool! Would love to know your thoughts on the My True Ancestry site. It’s another one that is for fun… a bit expensive… but fun!

      • Oh, Roberta, you never looked so good!! I am a fan of MyHeritage, and recommend them on a regular basis… it offers tools that are really needed, for others who didn’t know existed.

        MyHeritage and their features, have made my heart swell with so much love for my Jewish Ancestry! Also, for my Appalachian kin folks who have passed that I didn’t know, but for so many 2nd – 5th cousins, found me there, and share info, I now know! Now I can fancy up my look and change my profile pic! Wooo Hoooo ! Thanks for this latest, I somehow had not heard about it!

  5. Kelly, I’m the founder and CEO of MyHeritage. If you can have Roberta email me your email address or your account ID at MyHeritage, I’ll find your results and email you the link to view them. Sorry for the trouble. And Roberta, thanks for your lovely post! Your images are awesome.

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