Join Me on Genealogy Quick Start TV LIVE on Thursday, February 10

I’m excited to be a guest on Genealogy Quick Start TV with Shamele Jordon, this Thursday, February 10 from 3-4 Eastern time. Genealogy Quick Start is a live broadcast television show which airs on PhillyCAM, Philadelphia’s public access station. If you’re not local, don’t worry, you can still tune in easily at the time of the show.

This is an interactive genealogy TV program, not recorded and not a webinar.

Shamele and I will be talking about DNA and Native American Genealogy, both the topic and the book.

Does your family have an oral history that includes Native American heritage? If so, join us and learn the steps you can take to unravel this puzzle using various DNA tools and techniques.

We invite you to chat, comment, and ask questions.. Come join the fun.

Hope to see you Thursday!


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9 thoughts on “Join Me on Genealogy Quick Start TV LIVE on Thursday, February 10

  1. Thursday isn’t doable for me. Will I be able to catch this program at a later date and time? I purchased your book and I love it! I would love to participate. Thank you so much.

    • I have blocked off he time and told hubby he’s kicked out of the office for tomorrow noon our time. He said ‘anything for Roberta’! Thx for the question from Elizabeth (above), as I shared this with one of my matches and He may not be able to watch it in its entirety. (Yes, the book is amazing, I’ll have it in the office in case I need to look up something). New email address for me.

  2. Hi Roberta, Somehow I missed your new book, DNA for Native Americans. I just ordered a copy from Amazon. Lenny

  3. Very interesting program. I enjoyed watching until a “webpage crash” happened. I did find it on YouTube later and was able to fast-forward to the part I had missed. Congratulations on the book and the program!

  4. I watched the interview yesterday, great explanations, as ever, and your humors crack me up each time. xD

    So your Indian ancestors on your father side still evade you, I hope 2022 will finally set you on the right trail to narrow it down further.

    No oral history that includes Native American heritage in my family. You would think, with all four of my maternal great-grand-parent having at least one line which trace back to First Nation woman, someone would remember, but no. Well, some people don’t care about these things, as weird as it may sound to us. ^__^

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