$9 Family Finder Unlock at FamilyTreeDNA + Last Minute Gifts

Today, when I signed on to FamilyTreeDNA, I noticed that the transfer unlock is on sale for just $9. If you’ve transferred your DNA file from another vendor, you will receive all the DNA features at FamilyTreeDNA for just $9 right now. That’s a fantastic value. A new test costs $49 on sale.

If you haven’t transferred, you can use these step-by-step instructions to transfer for free and take advantage of the unlock price.

Matching and some features are free with a transfer of course, but the $9 unlock gives you access to all of the premium autosomal features, including:

  • Chromosome browser
  • myOrigins (ethnicity)
  • myOrigins chromosome painting – I wrote about that recently here
  • AncientOrigins

If you transfer your DNA file and want to add either a Y DNA or mitochondrial test, FamilyTreeDNA will send you a free swab kit when you order that add-on product.

New Orders

Everything is on sale right now for the holidays, through the 31st. It’s a perfect time to order tests for family members.

The new bundled offering of the autosomal Family Finder test plus the myDNA Wellness product is a great value at $69.

I wrote about the Wellness product, here.

Important Hint

It’s very important to upload a tree to or create one at FamilyTreeDNA. Of course, your matches will want to view your tree – but it’s even more important than that because of what trees allow FamilyTreeDNA to do for you.

  1. You link your kit to your profile in your tree.
  2. Then link your matches with people you recognize or relationships you figure out to their proper place in your tree.
  3. FamilyTreeDNA then utilizes that information and triangulates segments for you to determine who is a maternal and who is a paternal match to you, and buckets them accordingly.


Trust me, I didn’t figure out all 3199 paternal and 1423 maternal matches individually. I simply linked known relatives, some of whom I purchased tests for, to their proper places in my tree and FamilyTreeDNA did the rest for me.

You can unlock results by signing on to your account or order tests by clicking here.

Have a wonderful, joyous holiday season!


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6 thoughts on “$9 Family Finder Unlock at FamilyTreeDNA + Last Minute Gifts

  1. One quick question …

    I have no problem putting up my tree … I can do names for a 5G tree from memory! Lolol

    But I’m helping a friend find his biological mother, andI do **NOT** want that to be a public tree. Can I make the tree “private but searchable” like I can on Ancestry?

    Thanks for this. It’s been on my list to do, but it looks like I have now procrastinated just the perfect amount! 😆😆😅

  2. Roberta: I have a “close relative” that popped up on my Mom’s Ancestry DNA matches, and I want to suggest that he upload his Ancestry DNA to FtDNA. He does not have an account at FtDNA, and when I look at my account on FtDNA, I don’t see the Family Finder unlock deal. So, does this close relative need to create a FtDNA account and upload his Ancestry DNA before he will see the option to unlock Family Finder for $9? I just want to know how to advise this new family member. Thanks for any guidance you might offer…

    • Yes. Everyone needs to create their own kit during the upload process then the $9 unlock will be available to them.

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