FamilyTreeDNA and myDNA Team Up for Black Friday Sale – $39 for Family Finder or $59 for Family Finder + Wellness

FamilyTreeDNA just launched a Black Friday sale that offers two great values.

Most people are already familiar with the Family Finder autosomal test, but this is the first time the myDNA Wellness test has been bundled. You’ll recall that myDNA merged with FamilyTreeDNA in January of 2021.

The myDNA Wellness test offers 30 Health and Wellness Insights. Of course, the bundle includes the Family Finder test too.

myDNA Wellness Test

I’m not familiar with the myDNA Wellness test, so I did some digging.

In summary, the myDNA Wellness test provides:

  • myDNA Personalized Wellness Reports
  • DNA Insights for things like Power vs Endurance, Injury Prevention, Stamina, Recovery
  • Nutrition including Caffeine
  • Skin
  • B Vitamins, Bone Health, Heart Health, Iron
  • Sleep Routine
  • DNA-Powered Plans including meals and workouts
  • Key to working with your body for lifelong behaviors
  • An app for your mobile device in addition to reports on your personal page at FamilyTreeDNA. (Note that project administrators cannot view these results.)

You can take a look at the Wellness report information, here.

I have not taken the Wellness test yet, but those who have indicate that it helps them understand their body includes things such as meal planning based on their genetic needs. I would actually order the test for the meal planning feature alone which is tuned to my individual body.

The Health and Wellness product is not focused on telling you something one time, but on helping you live successfully over time.

Upgrades to Health and Wellness for Current Customers

You may be wondering if current customers can upgrade to the myDNA Wellness test.

FamilyTreeDNA is in the process of rolling out the myDNA Wellness upgrade opportunity in stages to groups of their existing customers.

FamilyTreeDNA has run DNA tests on multiple DNA chip versions over many years. Currently, a subset of customers who have tested on the GSAv2 chip that went into production in March of 2019 are eligible for upgrades to the myDNA Wellness test. Not everyone on that chip version is eligible quite yet but will be soon.

Customers who tested on earlier chip versions or transferred their DNA file from another company that uses a different chip would need to re-swab and will be able to see when they are eligible on their account at FamilyTreeDNA.

You can sign on to your account, here, to determine if you are eligible to upgrade.

If you are eligible now, you’ll see the myDNA Wellness Membership section if you scroll down beneath the Genealogy DNA products. It’s just below the Additional Tests and Tools. If you don’t see this section, you’re not currently eligible.

If you click on the myDNA Wellness link, you’ll see that the myDNA upgrade is on sale for $39.

If you’re not eligible just yet, you will be soon. I’ll be ordering a Wellness test as soon as I’m eligible.

Family Finder and More

The Family Finder test without the Wellness product is only $39 which is an amazing value. It has never been priced this low before. What a great time to stock up.

Testing your relatives will help your genealogy and theirs as well. It’s more than just a one-time test though.

You can link tests of people you match to your tree which allows FamilyTreeDNA to automatically assign your common matches to either your maternal or paternal side.

That’s the first question genealogists want to know. Does someone match me maternally, paternally, or on both sides.

Taking a DNA test, uploading a tree and linking matches to their proper place in your tree is the key to having those 4627 people you see above identified as maternal or paternal for me. I didn’t have to lift a finger. My Family Finder test plus linking matches in my tree allowed FamilyTreeDNA to do it for me.

The more relatives you link on your tree, the more matches FamilyTreeDNA can bucket maternally or paternally for you. So, order DNA tests for aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone!

Order Holiday Gifts Now

I always ask my relatives what they’d like to know when I order their DNA tests. That way they have something to look forward to when the results come back, and I have more tools to answer those questions. My relatives love hearing about what we’ve discovered together and how it relates to them.

We’ve pushed through some brick walls that I thought would never fall – and they wouldn’t have if my relatives hadn’t agreed to DNA test.

The easiest purchase this year is a DNA test for family members. No lines and no worries. More, importantly, it’s a lifelong gift that keeps on giving.


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5 thoughts on “FamilyTreeDNA and myDNA Team Up for Black Friday Sale – $39 for Family Finder or $59 for Family Finder + Wellness

  1. Hi Roberta,

    I have wondered if retesting at FTDNA would make any significant differences in my DNA results and in the effectiveness of using them in order to hopefully find unknown ancestors (e.g., brick walls). My current Family Finder autosomal test on FTDNA was swabbed and sent around the middle of 2014. Would retesting right now significantly improve anything (and also without losing any valuable data from previous test)?

    Thanks for any help – I haven’t been able to find an answer to this… whether it’s worth the time, effort, and $$.

    I have the same question for AncestryDNA, where I submitted a test in October 2015? Should one now retest (now $49.) for better results, again while hopefully not losing any of the already important evidential matches?

    And, similarly, in 2018 I uploaded the above FTDNA (2014) autosomal results to MyHeritage (while they were waving the fee to unlock). Would it now be much more useful to test directly with them… in order to more effectively find ancestor hints and evidence there? They have a sale ‘Black Friday’ price $39., but only through today, according to an email I received from them.

    Then, I may be able to also get better results on GEDmatch, by replacing old upload there with one of the above more recent tests? But, I’m just not sure about how much difference newer tests actually make!

    You’re my DNA guru — do you have any advice for us (especially right now during the tempting sale prices).

    Thanks so much !!!

    • You can have a second kit and a second account at all of the vendors. I have 2 at each vendor except for MyHeritage where I have one test and one upload. You may have a few differences, but essentially they will be close. I would not spend the extra $.

      • Thanks for your answer.

        I just wasn’t sure how much the chips have changed in 6-7 years, and how they influence or improve results and so forth. I think my 2 tests were on the early ‘V1’ version chips — 1st at FTDNA in mid-2014 and 2nd at AncestryDNA in Oct. 2015. Then, transferred/uploaded the FTDNA results to MyHeritage 2018.

        I had recently often wondered about this — if it was ever a good idea to possibly update or upgrade our results (by retesting) to a newer and possibly more ‘advanced’ test version, including wondering if the latest test versions would be more compatible (better matching) for uploading to other DNA sites.

        So, thank you for sharing your more informed, more nuanced, understanding of these issues!!!

          • I would like to read what you have written about this. Would you mind pointing to exactly where you wrote about it? I thought I had read something fairly detailed related to this question, some time ago, in one of your blogs articles here. I looked a bit but didn’t find it… not sure how to precisely locate a specific article. You have so many, and so much great information you’ve shared.
            Thanks again.

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