MyHeritage LIVE – T-Minus 41 Days and Coupon

I’m getting really excited about MyHeritage LIVE 2019 in Amsterdam in just 41 days. I wrote about the conference and speakers, here. You won’t be disappointed!

I’ve been wanting to make a short video in the garden to experiment and see how well videos worked. MyHeritage gave me the perfect reason when they sent a registration coupon to save 10% that I can share with you.

If you’re planning to attend and need to purchase a ticket, there are a few seats still available and MyHeritage would like to fill them. Plus, Amsterdam is a wonderful city and there’s so much to do!

Let me tell you about why I’m so excited about Amsterdam!

Ok, I need a selfie stick, maybe some video training and practice:) The message is what’s important, right?!!

To utilize the coupon, just visit the MyHeritage LIVE site here and register, using code Roberta10.

You’re welcome!

There has been some discussion about having a short meetup of blog followers. The conference isn’t huge, and I’ll be there for the entire time so I’m sure that we will be able to chat over breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack break or drinks in the pub. (Have you tried Ginger Joes? It’s a European ginger beer and it’s absolutely amazing!)

One of the great things about MyHeritage LIVE is that it’s very friendly and communal. Visiting with other genealogists is one of the best parts.

I can hardly wait!

And, ummm, did I mention the party….

If you haven’t yet purchased a DNA kit or transferred one from elsewhere, there’s still time to do that too, but I’d hurry.

I sure hope to see you there! We’re going to have a wonderful time! 



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5 thoughts on “MyHeritage LIVE – T-Minus 41 Days and Coupon

  1. Shaky cam is fine. Just don’t do like they did in the Blair Witch Project and you should be good. =) Looking forward to the conference. Hope to see streams online!

  2. Roberta –
    Lovely video. You held still, spoke clearly and smiled a lot. Perfect! Would have loved to see a little more of the garden behind you, but your video was fine just as you did it.
    Hope to see you a little later in North Carolina in November – my Estes relatives went from there to just SW of Knoxville in the 1840’s. Would love to go to Amsterdam but have to ration my choices.

  3. Great video – it’s scary talking direct to camera. Looks like you have some great hemerocallis and crocosmia in your garden too! Sadly I won’t be going to Amsterdam, but I’m looking forward to all three days of Rootstech London in October.

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