Keynoting THE Genealogy Show 2020 – Birmingham, England

The secret is out!

I’m one of four keynote speakers at THE Genealogy Show in Birmingham, England which takes place on Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th, 2020.

The Genealogy Show Roberta Estes keynote 2020.png

2019 was the first year for this show, and it was wildly successful. I’m honored to be asked to keynote in 2020, and I have surprises up my sleeve!

I hope that you’ll be able to attend. Check out their website here and watch THE Genealogy Show’s Facebook page for announcements and great genealogy postings.

So far, two of four keynotes have been announced, the other being Maureen Taylor.

Genealogical Tourism

If you’re from the UK, then this is your stomping ground, but if you’re not from the UK, then this show might just be a great opportunity to combine a great conference with some genealogical tourism.

  • When I was in England before, I didn’t realize that I was descended King Edward (1239-1307) who is buried in Westminster Abbey. Of course, given that I know that much, more of my ancestors are buried there too.

I’m going to Westminster and that’s all there is to it. I’m not sure how one gets from London to Birmingham without driving (cause I’m not driving on the “wrong” side of the road,) but you can bet your britches I’ll be figuring it out. England has trains!

  • Another must-see for me is Scrooby Manor, the home of William Brewster, Pilgrim, from whom I also descend.

The Genealogy Show planning map

Anyone else descended from King Edward I or William Brewster?

Are you planning to be in Birmingham next June?

Rumor has it that there are quilt shops too!

You could have one whale of a good time!

What other genealogical adventures might you plan around THE Genealogy Show? Do you have ancestors from England, Scotland or Wales?



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35 thoughts on “Keynoting THE Genealogy Show 2020 – Birmingham, England

  1. Have fun at the UK conference! Maybe you will meet the royal family.

    My husband has English and Scottish ancestry. I also wonder whether he has any famous ancestors. He is distantly related to several US presidents and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Hopefully it will be streamed!

    Last time I was in England I rented a car in London and drove north to Scotland then back South to South Hampton to catch the Queen Mary for the trip home. I spent a whole month there.

    This is my tip for driving in England. Make sure you have a car that is set up for there roads. Then when ever you make a turn start singing “Butt in the middle of the road, butt in the middle of the road, butt in the middle of the road.” I guarantee you always be on the correct side of the road.

    • Let’s just say my one and only time in a car there with an American driver who told me he had driven there before and it was no problem resulted in 3 accidents in 8 miles. Never again.

    • Always, always, when we arrive in Great Britain and my husband gets behind the wheel of the rental car, within 2 minutes, he hits the curb exactly twice on my side, and never hits the curb again. He is no slow learner.

      Just a family tradition so I am always braced. LOL

  3. Roberta, of course you are invited to be a keynote speaker. You are the best of the Best!

    So, your route takes you close to Oxford University. It is a must-see for the architecture of the colleges and structures, as well as the Ashmolean Museum. We boarded and studied at Christ Church College one summer in an Adult Continuing Edu course; it was fascinating.

    Wm Mayflower Brewster b ~1566 studied at Peterhouse, Cambridge University; although a possible ancestral grandfather of his, William Brewster, 1470-1510, attended Oxford University.

    St Paul’s Cathedral in London is also very special.

    So, yes, to descent from Brewster and Ed I.

      • I also have William Brewster 1470 (just found him!) and I believe he might be the great-grandfather of Pilgrim William Brewster. Fun stuff!

        • My husband also is a descendant of the Pilgrim John Alden. John Adams and John Quincy Adams also descend from John Alden, so my husband probably descends from that line. Alden had many children. One of Alden’s daughters married into Miles Standish’s family.

      • I only descend from Edward Longshanks (not Brewster) through Rose Stoughton (grandmother of my captive ancestor). Hello, cousins!


        Leo van de Pas (now deceased) has done work for the Royals and is the go-to site for great research. He has:

        William Brewster 1564-1644
        William 1535-1608
        William 1510-1558 (He stops there), then adds Willliam 1470-1521 to this line. This William is listed in Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886. Sorry, I do not have a copy of this. I subscribe to a lower tier at Ancestry which does not allow my access to this.

  4. Congratulations, Roberta. It might be fun to walk through Spitalfields looking for my Huguenot ancestor. I do love the British Isles.

  5. Yes I’m sure you can take the train. My sister and I took it from London to Chesterfield getting off to go to Derbyshire and it looks like just a short piece more up to where your going. No pictures to be taken in Westminster Abbey but if you find one of guides in charge they will stop
    Visitors in front of your ancestors burial place and take your picture. We were quite honored to be able to do this.

  6. I will have see about going to this conference too. I will be attending the MyHeritage conference in Amsterdam in September. Would it be possible to arrange a meet-up for all your fans in attendance at the MyHeritage conference?

  7. Congrats, Roberta!!! My spouse is a descendant of William Brewster, George Soule and John Howland, Henry II Plantagenet, and Charlemane so he’s your distant cousin. I hope you get a good look at Scrooby and Westminster. Enjoy!!

  8. Westminster is amazing. We were just there three days ago. Buy your tickets online before you go and you will only have to stand in a short line as opposed to a very long one.

      • We stayed near Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens. It was a convenient location for those but about two miles walking to Westminster. We like to walk so it wasn’t a problem. However we didn’t care much for the hotel. You will really enjoy Westminster. Congratulations!

  9. Hi Roberta
    I too am related to King Edward I and the Plantagenet Kings after him. I am also related to John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley of the Mayflower. My son lives in London and I am well versed in how to get around in England. London has the Tube, cabs, and Uber to get around, and the will get you all around England.
    I subscibe to your posts and am glad I did. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about getting around in London etc.
    Regards, Ned

    • I’m trying to prove mine. I’m going over next year sometime, I’m saving my pennies. I would like to find a b&b or air b to stay.

  10. Hi Roberta. We appear to be 20th cousins because I also descend from Edward I.

    I have some hotel recommendations which I will send you in an email.

    Linda Horton

  11. Roberta
    I’m a long time reader of your blog.
    I live in Nottingham and will be attending the Genealogy Show next year.
    I would be very happy to drive you to Scrooby to take the terror out of driving in England.

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  13. I was intrigued to see you mention that you have a Mayflower passenger ancestor, since within the last year I made a breakthrough, and discovered that I eight separate Mayflower ancestors (actually I still need to take a look at the silver books to confirm some of them). William Brewster is not one of my eight, but I was curious if we had any other early Plymouth residents in common, given how much intermarriage there was. I found your tree on MyHeritage, and found where your Plymouth branch was. It seems we are related. Henry Howland, who arrived a few years after the Mayflower, is the brother of my 10g-grandfather, John Howland. I think that would make use 12th cousins. John famously fell overboard during the Mayflower’s voyage, but grabbed a rope, and was pulled back on board. I am currently in the process of applying to join the Pilgrim John Howland Society. Ironically, it is the documentation of the more recent generations that I don’t currently have and am working to get.

    The Howlands were from Fenstanton, England. It looks like that is potentially on the way from London to Scrooby. Maybe you could stop by there on your way, too.

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