MyHeritage LIVE Livestreamed Sessions to be Recorded

If you are interested in the free livestreamed sessions from MyHeritage LIVE from Oslo, Norway, but the time difference is problematic for you – there’s great news.

Many of the sessions will be recorded for later replay. I’m very glad to hear this from MyHeritage, because I want to watch the sessions in the tracks that I can’t attend. There are three tracks total, Genealogy and DNA, which will be recorded, and the workshops, which will not be recorded.

A total of 14 sessions are listed in the Genealogy and DNA tracks. Seldom do we receive the contents of an entire conference free – so a big thank you to the MyHeritage team.

MyHeritage is finalizing the details about when and where the recorded sessions will be available, so stay tuned for details. I don’t think they will be online immediately, as some processing time is required.

Also, the sessions will be conducted in English, but (at least the handouts) will be translated to Norwegian.

Please keep in mind that session schedule changes are still occurring as final preparations take place in Oslo. Be sure to check for last minute schedule changes if you’re planning to watch live.

There is a time zone converter and other information in my article here.

The schedule as well as the link to tune in for free session livestreams during the conference is here.

I’m participating in panel discussions as follows:

  • 3:30 PM (Oslo time) on Saturday with Thomas MacEntee and Prof. Yaniv Erlich where we will be discussing DNA, Genealogy and Privacy
  • 3:30 PM (Oslo time) on Sunday with Dick Eastman and Prof. Yaniv Erlich where we will be discussing What’s Next for Genetic Genealogy

Hope to see you there live, livestreamed or later, in recordings!

T minus 4 days and counting!



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10 thoughts on “MyHeritage LIVE Livestreamed Sessions to be Recorded

  1. Those of us in the USA on Daylight Saving Time will also have another time change to consider. We will be back on Standard time on Sunday.

    • I am so glad MyHeritageDNA is doing this. It is a great company. I uploaded my DNA file there and really enjoy their doing our triangulations and other things they do us make use of our matches. Making the segment and chromosome data accessible and downloadable plus doing our triangulations and making them easy to find shows this company really understands what genetic genealogy is all about. I am encouraging all my group members and matches to upload there.

      Thanks MH!

  2. My wife Linda and I will be arriving in Oslo tomorrow to spend a few days in one our favorite cities before the conference. Glad to see we will have the opportunity to view the sessions we will not be able to attend in person. Looking forward to see you while there and letting you know how very much we enjoy your blog.

      • As always, what we like may not be your cup of tea, but we always visit the Viking Ship Museum, Linda has had an out of body spiritual experience while there. Down the hill from there is the Fram Museum for a polar exploration fix, and across the street from the Fram is the Kon-Tiki museum. We also are fans of Edvard Munch and his painting, The Scream, which is in the Munch Museum. We also enjoy the waterfront. We’ve been there in both summer and winter and while Vigeland Sculpture park is pretty in the summer with all the plantings, the winter not so much, but if you’re a sculpture fan, it is great any time of the year.

        The public transportation system in Oslo is great so it is very easy to get around. We leave on Monday morning for London and on the southern Africa, or we’s show you around.

  3. I am so pleased that MyHeritage is going to be recording these sessions. I will be watching them for sure when they are posted!

  4. Someone asked if the sessions would be closed captioned for the deaf. From Daniel at MyHeritage: “We are not contemplating this option yet, first we will stream live and record the presentations. When we upload the recordings to YouTube they may have closed captions, even in other languages. Definitively something we will try to do.”

  5. Roberta,
    Hope you are having a great time at the conference. I thought of another item for the MH wishlist! Instead of 10 matches per page, I would like to see the default be 50 matches per page. I really prefer scrolling to clicking arrows every 10 matches. Or having to go to the bottom of the first page to change to 50. Why not just show us 50 or more per page by default.

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