MyHeritage LIVE Conference to be Livestreamed – FREE

What are you doing next weekend, November 3 and 4? Want to attend a conference – free – and without even leaving home? Well, you’re in luck! You can even attend in your jammies!

I just received an e-mail from MyHeritage stating that the DNA and genealogy sessions in Oslo at MyHeritage LIVE on Saturday and Sunday, November 3rd and 4th will be livestreamed free.

The workshops, of course, won’t be livestreamed, but you really need to be present in person to benefit from a workshop.

How cool is that – a free two-day genealogy and DNA conference, but you might have to get up early, depending on where you live.

Here’s the relevant part of the MyHeritage e-mail.

We are making the final arrangements to live stream the genealogy and DNA tracks online on our website.

The schedule is available at with the local Oslo times listed.

If you need help calculating the time difference to your local time zone, you can use

Make sure to visit at the time of the lecture to watch the live stream.

If you’re planning on viewing the livestreams, be sure to account properly for the time difference. Please also check the schedule closer to time for the sessions you want to view, because conference schedules can and do change, sometimes rather unexpectedly.

You can also check social media using the hashtag #MHLIVE2018 to keep up with what’s happening at the conference.

Daniel Horowitz, the MyHeritage genealogy expert will be posting on the following platforms, and of course, I’ll be blogging which also posts to my twitter feed.

Also, Dan has been answering questions in the comments of my previous article about the conference, here.



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12 thoughts on “MyHeritage LIVE Conference to be Livestreamed – FREE

  1. I have never been to a conference. I do have a tree and dna tested and can figure out some things but know I need help to move further along. Could you please recommend a conference that would benefit someone past the beginning stage of research and dna testing that would be of the most benefit in the next year or two? Wishing I was going with you but happy to hear I can watch the livestream. Interested in finding out more about ydna and mtdna testing. My brother did the ydna 67 and we have the mtdna full sequence done. It would be even better if I knew you were going to be there.

  2. Roberta,
    Will these sessions be available to watch online after the conference? The conference is 2 AM to 10 AM in my time zone!

  3. What great information! Please tell them ‘thank you’ on behalf of us who are Co Admins of projects, as this is very helpful to us.
    You asked about possible questions for MyHeritage that you could look into for us all. This question isn’t just for me, but I get asked about it from members at MyHeritage who match me…
    Will MyHeritage ever offer X matches for us to see? They are so helpful. Most everyone understands that shows no chromosome browser or X match information, but MyHeritage has vast information but no X input, so some of us were asking if it was being considered someday.

    Thank you and have a wonderful time in Oslo!

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  5. Roberta, for some reason, I cannot delete this email. I first saved it in a file, but every time I refresh my Outlook, this post appears over and over. Do you have any idea why this is happening? I rebooted my computer and nothing works.

    Stacy Wallace

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