Finally – A “How To” Class for Working With Autosomal DNA Results

Update: The details are out of date, but the classes are still great.

DNAadoptionI can’t tell you how happy I was to receive an e-mail this week from Dianne Harman-Hoog with the DNAadoption group announcing classes for how to work with autosomal DNA – not just from any specific vendor, but utilizing the various vendor’s products along with third party tools, like those from and

There’s even a class for Y DNA as well.

These classes are open to everyone, not just adoptees.  Adoptees face the worst possible challenge – trying to build a tree with no known relatives.  If you’re not an adoptee, your autosomal DNA situation is already improved.  If they can do it, so can you – and these classes will share the methods developed for adoptees to reconstruct their families.

Here is a list of classes and schedules.

Here is their announcement:

DNAadoption Has Reorganized And Is Proudly Presenting a Full Slate of Classes.

Registration is open now. We are working on developing a full series of classes to guide you through the whole process of using Genetic Genealogy to find your heritage. Classes were designed for adoptees but they are not just for adoptees anymore!

First Results Series

Developed by Stephanie Wyatt, Barbara Rae-Venter, Barbara Taylor and Diane Harman-Hoog

One day online classes – $5 each

This new series will be for people who just got their test results and will help them figure out the basics of what the results mean. It will be a series of 3 classes that can be taken independently.

      • Ancestry First Results
      • FTDNA First Results
      • 23andme First Results

These classes are designed for the person new to DNA testing.  We receive many requests for help starting with “I just got my results and I am so confused”. The student will learn how to navigate the site get basic information on what the results mean and how to find out more. Anyone can benefit from these classes and get started in Genetic Genealogy before taking the more complete course. They are Autosomal DNA courses.

Depending on your interests and level of comfort you can then move into Beginning Autosomal DNA or the Working With Autosomal DNA course. The Y-DNA is also an option.

Working With Autosomal DNA

Written by Mesa Foard and Utilizing a Methodology Developed and Refined by Diane Harman-Hoog, Gaye Tannenbaum and Karin Corbeil

6 week online workshop -$35

Do you want to unlock the secrets in your family tree? Are you an adoptee, a genealogist who has hit a roadblock, or just curious about your roots.

This 6 week, online self-paced course starts with a basic introduction of DNA and then goes on to use FTDNA results to explain triangulation move toward  the identification of common ancestors. This method uses spreadsheets and the great tools from as well as third party tools to organize and analyze your data.

23andme and AncestryDNA results are then introduced and discussed and results from all three companies combined and triangulated.

The course also shows how to take advantage of the thousands of surnames introduce by all three testing companies, gedcoms and trees, along with the Ancestors of Relatives list from Ancestry DNA Helper and in combination with Gworks on DNAGedcom, work through trees to find your heritage.

We show you how to work through your own data in this course.  Over 550 people have taken the workshop.


Written and taught by Gale French this class has received rave reviews from Students

2 week on line class – $25

The Y-DNA test offers males a clear path from you to a known or likely direct paternal ancestor(s). The course will also show how women can use the test by recruiting a father, brother, cousin or uncle to do the test. Gale teaches how to interpret your Y-DNA data and explores how to use that data to search for ancestors through innovative methods.

Our Classes

    • Working with Autosomal DNA Results – This class is $35 and has been updated to include recent changes at the three major Autosomal DNA testing companies. It is a 6 week course and teachers are available for Q&A along the way.
    • Y-DNA Basics – This class is $25. We are in the process of updating this class and will open additional class dates soon.
    • First Results – Classes will focus on each company and give a basic introduction to results (AncestryDNA, FTDNA & 23andMe). Each class focuses a different company and they are $5 each.
    • Autosomal DNA for Beginners – This is an introductory course to Autosomal DNA for $25 with 3 lessons/weeks. Students will not work as much in excel but can be used as a prep course for our Working with Autosomal DNA Results class. This class is still in the development stage but we want you to know it is coming soon!

Our Schedule

Working with Autosomal DNA

  • Session 16           3/13
  • Session 18           4/10
  • Session 19           4/24
  • Session 20           5/8
  • Session 21           5/22

First Results

  • First Results: Intro to 23andMe         3/14
  • First Results: Intro to AncestryDNA   3/21
  • First Results: Intro to FTDNA            3/28

Our Enrollment Process

We are excited about our new Self Registration Process. All students have the ability to self register on the updated site. Payment for classes is accepted during the enrollment process. As always, we have a hardship policy. We want all students to be able to better understand their results. If you cannot afford our classes but need to learn more, please contact us at

We hope that through this new self-registration process, our few teachers will have more time for additional classes and less administrative work. Please let us know if you have any issues.

The log in process has tested well with more than a dozen users. If you have already taken a class through DNAAdoption and Moodle, you will use the same username/password. If you have not taken a class previously, you will need to create a profile. You will be prompted for payment through paypal or for a Hardship “Key” after choosing your preferred class.

This link will take you to registration.



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Thank you so much.

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14 thoughts on “Finally – A “How To” Class for Working With Autosomal DNA Results

  1. I see that the “Working with Autosomal DNA Results” is a 6-wk class; however, I don’t see if it is only held each week at a particular time or on a particular day. I wouldn’t want to start it and not be able to finish. Is this something that we access as we have time each week? I went to the registration info and it doesn’t state anything. There are different sessions offered each week but is that a new group starting each week or is that part of the 6-week lesson?

    • Judy, The “Working with Autosomal DNA Results” classes are 6 weeks and the course material is released weekly (typically on Thursday night or Friday morning). Each session is open for a total of 12 weeks in the event that a student gets behind and needs additional time to complete the coursework. Teachers and teaching assistants are available throughout the 12 weeks. The classwork is done at your convenience. There is no need to register for multiple sessions unless you feel you need a refresher in the future. I hope I have answered all of your questions. Please feel to reach out to us at

    • Each session is a 6 week class. These are online classes. The lessons are released once week on Friday morning. You have 6 weeks after the course finishes to complete work it the class. It is entirely self paced with a lesson each week and supplementary material. The new sessions start every other week. This class has been offered since 2013 and we just finished a big update on the contents in this fast changing field. The class has been in huge demand and we have accelerated the scheduling to offer more classes. Please note, instructions for self registration are now on the first page that comes up to make it easier to register. If a note on the class says it is not available for Self registration, it is because it is full.
      Diane Harman-Hoog

    • I have similar questions… The description says self-paced, but are there any specific dates/times? Can one do more than one lesson per week; must one finish the six sessions within six weeks?

      Sounds wonderful…I just need a few more details before I can register.

      • Oh, sorry. I did not see the above replies until I posted. My questions have been answered — thank you. 🙂

  2. Thank you Roberta, I intend to sign up for the classes. And thank you so much for giving us this information, really! I THINK everyone should sign up for these classes, I intend to. One of my matches said Sorry, thinking we didn’t match. I found the book online with their family…I hope people aren’t too quick to make judgements, they might be throwing gold nuggets back into the water.

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