Chromosome Parody Video

I love this science video.  Creative and innovative.  Great job ladies and gents.  We need more of these to show that science really is fun.

Oh, and I want one of those hats for the next conference!!!  How cool is that!

Enjoy, smile and Happy New Year to everyone!

The lyrics are shown below the video on YouTube, but here they are as well:

Hello? Hello? Baby, you called. I can’t hear a thing.
I have got not service in the laboratory.
I have got no time for talking. Baby, can’t you see?
I am trying to study some biochemistry.

When the chromosomes condense then we call it prophase.
And when they line up then it is called metaphase.
When they pull apart then we call it anaphase.
And when they divide into two cells that is telophase.

Stop calling. Stop calling. I don’t wanna talk anymore.
I have a test that I am studying for.

Neucleotides are
They go
Neucleotides are

DNA wrapped around histones.
It’s all in the chromosome.
Everything in your genome:
It’s all in the chromosome.

And when those cells explode they call it apoptosis.
Different than necrosis. Not caused by osmosis.
It’s dangerous when the cell begin undergoing anoikis.
Then there’s metastasis. Cell death is so tasteless.

DNA is simple if at first you only think,
That you have a purine paired with a pyrimidine.
The sugar-phosphate backbone holds all the bases
Which is twisted around like a spiral staircase.

Copying, copying like in vivo but much faster.
I got my genes from the lab thermocycler.



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