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In an article recently published, Bradley Larkin has done an excellent job of sorting through the various DNA results from different companies and locations and assembling them together for a paper on British Royal DNA titled Y-DNA of the British Monarchy, A Review on the occasion of the birth of the Prince of Cambridge.

Paper Abstract

A review was made of existing genetic genealogy findings that infer characteristics of the Y-DNA of members of the British Monarchy. Nine sustained Y-DNA lineages since the year 927 CE were noted as dynastic groups. Haplogroup and haplotype characteristics of three of the dynasties were presented with two more dynasties noted as testable but unpublished. Cultural and geographical origins of these dynasties were considered as context for their DNA haplogroups. Specimen candidates for further testing were identified noting that some will require Ancient DNA (aDNA) recovery and analysis.


Brad covers 8 major dynasties dating from 1603-2013, the Mountbatten, Hanover, Windsor and Stuart.

dynasties 2

After discussing each dynasty, Brad ends his article with a summary table of the dynasties, monarchs from that dynasty, the Patriarch, origin and known DNA.  It’s a great paper and an interesting read.  Take a look.  Who knows, this just might be relevant to you!  Good job Brad!!!



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19 thoughts on “British Royal DNA

  1. For King Richard III, other than the broad mt-DNA Hg J1c2c, does anyone have more specifics on the sub-Hg of J1c2c which may be connected to King Richard III? Dr. Turi King has this info and I understand it is to be published in NATURE. However, I believe that the University of Leicester are withholding this information and delaying publication so as not to ID additional putative King Richard III relatives and the need to consult with them about re-internment in Leicester or York.

    Also, in regards to the Y-DNA of King Richard III, does anyone know the Y-SNP or Y-DNA STRs involved? Again, King has the info.

    More on this at:

    • I can help you understand a bit more hear can not give the DNA to you as waiting for it myself

      ok Richard III would have the YDNA of Richard Plantagenet the mtDNA is a right mix going back wards from Richard III

      so to put it in a nut shell Richard III should have some DNA markers descending from the Scottish lines . if he is void of these then it is likely Edward III is not a great grand father and could then be investigated with DNA From Edward III and
      John of Gaunt Because at this point everyone would want to know the answer

      from mark

  2. Great article. In my past 13 years of researching my family tree, I found that I am descended from the Wessex and Plantagenet lines.

    • that is great news apart from sorry if Edward III is found out to not be
      the father of john of Gaunt which Philippe did state he was not and evidence found on the record that Edward was away fighting for 11 months and john Gaunt was born in 9 then the sudden descendant female of Edward III wed back into the family line also suggest its true Sorry.

  3. It’s interesting to note how German the more recent lines were, on both sides. Mountbatten had been changed from Battenberg. I wonder how much really British DNA is in any of the current Royal Family? Possibly Diana’s line.

    • hi there the answer is the start or DNA adam where we all came from Africa and spread across the world there are only DNA matches left for royals

      in which case there is a dispute on weather king Edward III is John of Gaunts
      Farther when the DNA of Richard III is shown we will Know more about the answer

      so the real DNA on the Royal side id is with the Stewarts
      Diana is said to be connected to King James II so a Stewart Connection

      you will be looking for the lost king that is descended from most of the King James’s then the Campbell’s and then the Beaumont’s
      so would be the perfect mix like Diana

      from mark

    • Deborah Ferguson-Tripp have the American relation to Lady Diana. Through the Brown, White and Fuller Lines. This is positive due to the linage of J.P. Brown. A not so great sort of fellow. He is my Great Uncle.

      Best Wishes,
      Deborah Ferguson-Tripp

  4. Dear sir,

    I am not aquainted with DNA research and I would need a piece of advice about a question. I have a relative, my second cousins daughter, called Emmelie De Forest. She wan the Eurovision song contest this spring and have been accused of lying when she claims that her fathers father, Maurice De Bendern, was a illegitimate son of king Edward VII. King Edward was a ladies man and have several descendents out of wedlock.

    Personally I know that Emmelie is not lying, due to the fact that members of our family strongly believe that Maurice De Forest actually IS the son of king Edward. Another thing is IF this story is true. Thats when DNA comes in. I know that a woman can not find out her fathers ancestors, but Emmelie has also a brother as well as a halfbrother, both sons of Ingvar De Forest, the son of Maurice.

    I saw that there are homepages dealing with brittish royal DNA. Is there a possibility to find out if Edward VII is Emmelies great grandfather or not?

    An american geneologist that has a geneology blog has written about Emmelie:

    I hope you can help me with information in this question.


    Gunnel Troberg

    • Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with the royal line and who has and has not DNA tested to be able to answer this question. If the lineage of King Edward VII has been documented, then if her brother DNA tests, and matches, it answers the question. It also answers the question if he does not match. If Edward’s line has not been documented, then no, it can’t be positively answered in this fashion. Autosomal testing would be less conclusive and would require someone documented to be descended from or related to Edward to test as well.

    • i can Give some advice first test the brother for YDNA and mtDNA next find which house Edward VII belongs to I took a look for you and then you need his near house that is connected and tested in this case Mountbatan as you have Albert
      as the father of Edward VII will find the DNA in the surnames Journal and you will then need with both results to play snap on the markers so look for example DYS19 then its number if they are the same its one match you need ten Matches in a court of law to say you are related this will only be a reference if you don’t have the DNA of Edward VII and not full confirmation. Now the mtDNA will be the same as the sisters and there by your connection she will need mtDNA test done to match to her Brothers

      I have been doing research on royal DNA and connections for some time now

      now for the bad news old DNA is hard to recover so the makers for any DNA
      from ancient times can be limited so there will not be very many Markers recovered to match to

      if you would like to talk more my email is
      from mark

    • hi again forgot to say you also need a male direct line from the brother to Edward VII
      also royal claims as there is a high number of females descending to Edward VII
      From the house of Tudor a royal claim would not stand
      the highest account of males does and the connections . sorry

      for the ultimate claim you will need to be the missing king
      with a Beaumont ,Campbell’s and King James’s line and other kings

      so if they are connected to Edward Vll its just nice to Have
      all the best

      From mark

    • Good evening . I came across you query while researching whether any DNA records of King Edward VII exist . Obviously for the exact same reasons as your friend . Did she get anywhere with the DNA test ?

      I am asking on behalf of a friend and he is also descendant from the king and a French mistress . It is simple enough to hava a DNA test but without being able to compare it with the house of Windsor family DNA this would be useless .

      Would love to hear if she was successful


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  6. So, I am a decendant of Agnes Blewitt; and I’m curious to know if we are actually decendants of Henry VIII. Is there a test we can take to figure this out?
    Jill Stillman Tresidder, NJ

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