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  1. My DNA says I have 49 % Native American, how can I find out from what area is the origin, the other 51 % percent is european, middle asia and north africa, and my parents were born in Mexico and I was born in New Orleans La. thank you

  2. A few yrs ago i submitted to Ancestry my brothers dna. It came back R1b. Am i to understand this to say there is Native American blood as we were told by our grandfather? He said his grandfather was Cherokee. Last year i sent my dna to a group in Canada who does NA dna and it returned 8% NA of which 6% was Cherokee and 2% Sioux. How do we go about finding out where it all comes in to play and what does that say about our third great grandfatgers percentage of NA? We would greatly like to join the Cherokee Nation if possible.

  3. I am Haplogroups RL513 (Y) and J (mT) My paper trail says I have Delaware (on my father’s line) and Mohawk (on my mother’s line). My Family Finder says that I have a trace of Siberian and Oceania in my DNA. The Native American is 13 generations back from me. I don’t want to join a Tribe or get anything from the Government. I just want to know if my paper trail is correct. My Kit is #373013. Does having the Siberian and Oceania DNA mean that I am part Native Anerican?

    • I don’t know how accurate 23 and me is I am just interested finding more information not to join any tribe
      46.5% Native American
      28% Spanish/ Portuguese

      • A2 cumash and others tribes in California have many members with that DNA. I think of myself as Cumash on my mother side but I don’t have any papers from my ancestros. Remember they were presecuted to be killed for their land by Europeans. So they escaped south. Good luck with your search

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