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  1. My DNA says I have 49 % Native American, how can I find out from what area is the origin, the other 51 % percent is european, middle asia and north africa, and my parents were born in Mexico and I was born in New Orleans La. thank you

  2. A few yrs ago i submitted to Ancestry my brothers dna. It came back R1b. Am i to understand this to say there is Native American blood as we were told by our grandfather? He said his grandfather was Cherokee. Last year i sent my dna to a group in Canada who does NA dna and it returned 8% NA of which 6% was Cherokee and 2% Sioux. How do we go about finding out where it all comes in to play and what does that say about our third great grandfatgers percentage of NA? We would greatly like to join the Cherokee Nation if possible.

  3. I am Haplogroups RL513 (Y) and J (mT) My paper trail says I have Delaware (on my father’s line) and Mohawk (on my mother’s line). My Family Finder says that I have a trace of Siberian and Oceania in my DNA. The Native American is 13 generations back from me. I don’t want to join a Tribe or get anything from the Government. I just want to know if my paper trail is correct. My Kit is #373013. Does having the Siberian and Oceania DNA mean that I am part Native Anerican?

    • I don’t know how accurate 23 and me is I am just interested finding more information not to join any tribe
      46.5% Native American
      28% Spanish/ Portuguese

      • A2 cumash and others tribes in California have many members with that DNA. I think of myself as Cumash on my mother side but I don’t have any papers from my ancestros. Remember they were presecuted to be killed for their land by Europeans. So they escaped south. Good luck with your search

  4. My cousin is struggling and in hard times. She always has been a hard worker and very interested in her heritage but has no family connection on that side. She is afraid to look further then what her DNA has told her which she is 47% Cherokee, 46 % Chippewa, and 43% Navaho. I am trying to get her help so she can get help with college and some money back from the government and to reconnect with her people or tribes. She is a very caring, loving, helpful person and I think she deserves this support so she can further her self and get a better job with going to college and not work 3 jobs. She has done that all her adult life and she is now 43. Her one son died young and she has one adult daughter and many friends and family on the otherside of the family but she deserves more support and help. She says she has to much pride and integrity but really I think she is just afraid what others will say about her, she also has displayed a lot of depression lately and I was wondering if the tribes or government could help with mental health counseling as well as school and some extra cash so she can at least quit one of her jobs. Do any of you have any idea what those tribes help with and pay out for those percentages? Thanks.

    • She needs to contact the tribes. No reputable tests breaks down tribes like that, so I’m suspicious of the test she took.

  5. My Dad’s grandparents owned & operated a Ranch, they purchased as Spanish Land Grants in California. The James & Rebecca Keefer Ranch was located 8 miles north of Chico, California. From about the time Calf. became a State until 1898 . when it was passed on to a daughter & son in law . to operate. My Dad’s maternal grandfather, James Lawrence Keefer (was American – European). He and his wife, Rebecca Odell (Keefer) married & raised 12 children, together. She took care of the Native American affairs on the Ranch of resident families. One photograph of the ladies in the family shows that at least one daughter & little grand-daughter & Great Grandmother, Rebecca . were of darker color w. black hair. Rebecca does appear to have some Native American appearance to her sweet face & small frame. In a Pioneer family Thesis of the Keefer family at the Univ. of Calf. at Chico . author, Kathleen Gabriel states that “Rebecca Odell Keefer was either full, or half, Cherokee”. (Some of the Keefer children were excellent equestrians & a few of the Keefer names appear in the Index of an American Circus . The Robinson Show .) They are listed a ‘Equestrians”. The younger daughter received awards for her work . breeding & raising horses. (I mention this because we were told the Cherokee children learned to ride & were expert equestrians . along with their love of the outdoors.) We visited the “Home of the Five Nations” in Tallequah, Oklahoma, in 1990 . but we had no idea about a ‘Roll number” at the time. We were not sure about her maiden surname of Odell . rather it was her Native or Americanized name. Since then we have found some indication that one of the Keefer uncles or brothers lived there in his older years. // Our older brother has completed his (FTDNA) – YDNA (Big-Y ) & mtDNA w. Family Finder. What I want to know is . “Am I joining the right group to see if we have Native American ancestry or any of the Native American DNA. (If so, we would be delighted to search her family background . the Odells . to see if she was adopted or her mother was Native American.) Most of her Odell ancestry surname appears to be European. Thank you, for your dedication & work.

  6. My DNA says I am 47% Northern Irish, 41% Native American,7% Puerto Rican 5% Spanish & Portugal……..what tribe would be an avenue in witch to discover? Im adopted but not by choice i was( taken by force,not by choice) PLEASE HELP WITH SOME ADVICE IN HOW TO GO ABOUT KNOWING WHO I AM. Desperately Deadakated.

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