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    • Happy to hear of your findings to a better knowing of you.May I have her last name, the reason I ask is because an elder said to my grandmother that she is cherokee, wolf clan. i am currently finding my roots on all four grand-parents +

  1. My father was born in Durango,Mexico and raised in Gallup,New Mexico,he was mixed Mexican and Aztec Native Indian and as alittle girl,I remember my Father went every year to the Indian Cerimonial in I beleive Gallup or Albaquerque.My 2older brother and sister were born in New Mexici and the rest of myself and 4 siblings were born and raised in Los Angeles,California and still reside in L.A.as of today.Are Aztecs recognized as Native Indians?

  2. My family has been looking up our ancestry for years. We have a story about my great great great grandmother being captured by Indians and sold back for blankets. She married shot ly after and had a baby 3 months later. This was my great great grandmother. She looked very indian but of course denied it. In my research it looks like she was captured by SHOSHONE. I can’t prove
    Is there a DNA test that could prove this?

  3. I am wondering what would be suggested for testing when I don’t know 100% for my mothers side. I just want to know if I have any Native American at all. I know my great grand dad on my dads side was full. But my father had 4 siblings. I don’t believe my paternal grandmother had any Native American and don’t know how many siblings there were to my paternal grandfather. Also, I believe but unsure if my maternal great grandmother was full blooded Native American. Then my maternal grandmother was not at all that I know of, but was just my mom and her sister. Then me as an only child to my parents.
    Really I just want to know to know. I don’t know what tribes they would or would not have been a part of. I want to be able to tell my children of their background and know when asked if there is anything on paperwork. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thank you for your resourceful info.Regaining perspective with family heritage. Journey begins per mothers dying wiahes.

  5. I wanted to take a test to see if I native american in me because I have a strong feeling that I do have it in my blood, and where do I go to take the test at, I live in west haven, ct.

  6. I already know full basics of my ” Native American ancestry ” obviously from both of my parents , uncles & aunt’s. I look up my grandparents names , and had info./ records of their marriage’s , location, and their parents before them . And my grandmother’s – mother was full blooded Navajo / my father’s side . My mother’s side is Navajo as well . Their is Apache as well on one side or both , as I recall . All born in Arizona . ” As far as the Information is on these records of all “Native Americans” , without European , is considered full native down to my own DNA . I was born in California, and all family members live there as well . I was told several times that considering the DNA tests are taken…. ( To take those straight to the tribe of which land my family lived , ” that I would be untitled to monthly payments of a certain amount . Which again says in similar ways on line through the tribal info. ECT. How will this be specifically ?? … And how soon will I know ?

    • You will have to contact the tribe in question to know which if any DNA tests they honor, and under what circumstances. Every tribe is different and few honor any type of DNA testing other than paternity in various situations.

  7. Hi . my dads great grandmother was a paiute indian. I am a female so how what dna test would i do to prove im part native american. Or would i even be considered. Thank you for ur time. Please let me know how i can find out.

  8. I was told by my parents that I was native American black foot and Cherokee I just want to know if I really have these so I can look further into my heritage how do I do so

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