Last Call to Download GeneTree Results

I received this e-mail from GeneTree today.  If anyone tested there, and wants their results, now is the time.  In fact, it’s now, or until January 1, 2013, when the GeneTree website will be discontinued, or never.

Given their purchase by Ancestry, they are encouraging people to upload their results and Gedcom files to of course.  Not everyone is thrilled about that prospect.  If you’re not, then it appears that you can simply download your results for yourself.

Here’s the text of the notification I received today.  I find it ironic that they managed to lose my records, saying I never paid the unlock fee to liberate my Sorenson results and connect with others, but they managed to have not one, but two copies of my e-mail address someplace.

Dear GeneTree user,

Time is running out. As you may have heard, is being discontinued
as of January 1, 2013. Following this date, the GeneTree website will no longer
be functional. So please take a moment to download your DNA results and
pedigree data during the month of December, if you have not already done so.
Once your data has been downloaded, you will be able to import your family tree
GEDCOM files and your DNA results into an account at no cost. We
hope that you take this opportunity to continue with your family history search
and take your discoveries even further. Please visit the home page of for detailed instructions on how to export your data. You can also
find information available at

Thank you,

GeneTree Customer Support



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