Ancestry to Release Array Data in 2013

Good job everyone…..looks like we did it.  We knew that Ancestry was going to do “something” in 2013.  From this it looks like they are going to release our raw data, hopefully in a format that we can use for tools like GedMatch.

Genomeweb quotes an Ancestry representative in an article titled “, Amid Criticism, Will Make Array Data Available to AncestryDNA Customers” published today, October 23, 2012:

“Few customers care; I’m sure their market research showed that,” Khan said. “The problem is that a small minority of very motivated and vocal customers, who are influencers, do care.”

One down, one to go.  Join me tomorrow to discuss the “other” Ancestry problem.

Thanks to everyone who indeed was vocal and who cares!!!!  You made a difference!



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12 thoughts on “Ancestry to Release Array Data in 2013

  1. Ancestry has also been bought (officially) by Permira, a private equity company, and the sale will be final in 2013.

  2. I have repeatedly complained about this issue to Ancestry but they have not sent me any type of response. Perhaps my badgering helped. You would at least think they would send a response to a disgruntled customer.

  3. I am an subscriber and have been waiting many months for the invite for the test. In August I called them and asked what the holdup was and they basically said they were sending out invites based on a completely random algorithm and that I would have to wait.

    Today I received the email from them saying the long wait is over, here’s your exclusive invite… and when I clicked I discovered that the price is now $129!!!

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