RootsTech Update, Class Navigation Aids & the Pass Winner

I have several updates for you today.

Let’s start with RootsTech pricing.

Early Bird Special

The in-person price for RootsTech is currently $98 which is the early-bird special pricing. Sometime in February, the price will increase. If you’re planning to attend, I encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later at this link.

Locating Speakers, Schedules and Sessions for In-Person and Virtual

The blended combination of virtual and in-person sessions, some of which are being live-streamed, has caused some confusion. Specifically, the in-person sessions are not listed with the virtual sessions and are difficult to find. I’ve had several people ask me why none of my sessions are listed. They are, just not in the class list they were viewing.

I think it’s sorted out now, so I’m going to step you through how to find your favorite speakers and both types of sessions.

On the main RootsTech page, below where you register, you’ll see the two options, above.

In-Person Classes

You can click on “Browse In-person Classes” to view everything happening at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City.

You can click on Classes or Speakers or any of the other tiles.

There’s no direct way to obtain a filtered list of the in-person sessions being live-streamed, but if you look at a specific class, you can see if it’s being live-streamed. Live-streamed classes will be available for viewing later and are also listed in the “virtual” portion of the conference.

My classes are not being live-streamed, but this class by my friend Amy Johnson Crow is being live-streamed in addition to being available in person, of course. Every class that is live-streamed will include the announcement, above, which is also where you click to view the live-streamed session.

RootsTech has provided a conference planner so you can add both in-person and live-streamed classes to your conference schedule.

Classes By Date

You can view all of the in-person classes in list or grid format, by date, here.

RootsTech Virtual Classes

By clicking on the “Browse NEW Virtual Classes” button on the main page, you can view the virtual classes.

You can also click on the “Classes” link, above, in the header of the “Browse In-Person Classes” page.

Regardless of how you get there, you can filter the virtual classes by year (be sure it’s 2023,) or by speaker. Remember, most of the earlier virtual classes are still available too, which is why you need to filter by 2023 to view this year’s new sessions.

Roberta’s Sessions

My three sessions are in-person-only this year. You can view them here and by clicking on any session, you can see more, including the room number.

Regarding room numbers, if you’re attending in person, the day of your sessions, verify that the room number has not changed.

Exhibitors Booth Mini-Sessions

In addition to the RootsTech-sponsored classes, many of the exhibitors will be providing mini-sessions and classes in their booths.

Those sessions are often published in their physical or virtual booths, so be sure to check the exhibitors in the Expo Hall either in person or the virtual Expo Hall after it goes live.

I’m planning to give mini-sessions in select vendors’ booths. I’ll let you know as soon as my schedule is finalized, closer to the conference dates. There’s a lot still up in the air!

Planning is Essential

For those who have never attended RootsTech in person, the Salt Palace conference center is massive and some of the classrooms are widely separated. Planning your class schedule is essential.

Also note that some of the rooms are relatively small and you may not be able to get into a class of your choice if you don’t arrive early.

How early? I don’t know, but I’d suggest having pre-selected a second choice or perhaps not scheduling every slot.

I do know that there is half an hour between the end of one class and the beginning of the next class, so you will have time to move from room to room.

Be sure to understand the layout of the convention center in advance so you can find your room. The Salt Palace map is here, including classrooms. On this map, halls A-D are opened up to be the RootsTech Expo Hall. The RootsTech exhibitor map in the Expo Hall is here.

Free Pass Winner

I offered a free RootsTech pass for one lucky person, here, and recruited Jim to pull the name of an entrant out of a hat. (Ok, it’s a bowl-buddy, but I digress.)

I’m very pleased to announce that blog subscriber, Barbara, is attending RootsTech for the first time as the winner of the free RootsTech pass.

Congratulations Barbara! Wear really comfy shoes, dress warm, and prepare to have an amazing time!


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  1. Thanks Roberta, appreciate the explanation for us Newbies. Just signed up and filling in the schedule. Could you do a blog on research places in the city we may visit if we have time? Booking the hotel and airline now…

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