DNA Q&A With Roberta Estes on MyHeritage Facebook LIVE – June 24 at 2 PM EDT

MyHeritage June Q&A

I’m so pleased to send this invitation to the free MyHeritage Facebook LIVE series where I’ll be answering DNA questions beginning at 2 PM EDT on Wednesday, June 24th.

The Facebook LIVE session that I did in April, Top Tips for Triangulation, is MyHeritage’s most-viewed Facebook LIVE session with over 13,000 people to date. We realized then that a DNA Q&A session would be very well-received – so here we are!

For my friends with time conflicts, or for whom it’s the middle of the night – the session will be recorded and available afterward.

Please note that I can’t answer support type questions nor product release questions. For example, I don’t know when MyHeritage is going to roll out enhancements or updates.

All DNA questions are welcome, and you can ask them in advance at this link. You will also be able to ask questions during the session.

Tomorrow, about 10 minutes before we go live, MyHeritage will post a link to the live session on their Facebook page, here.

I will also post the live link on my DNAexplain Facebook page, here.

I’m so excited. This is going to be SOOO much fun!

Hope to see you there!



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14 thoughts on “DNA Q&A With Roberta Estes on MyHeritage Facebook LIVE – June 24 at 2 PM EDT

  1. I have a DNA question that I’d dearly love your opinion on, but it’s an Ancestry thing, so I don’t think My Heritage would put it forward.

  2. You say it will be available later. Will be available anywhere other than Facebook which some of us choose not to do?

    Carolyn Lea

    • Carolyn, I do not have a Facebook account (by choice), but usually I am able to view these types of things. MyHeritage does not want to restrict their viewership.

      • Yes, I was told last night that people could view the link in the article, even without an account. If you can cure their page, then you can view the live link too. That’s where they will put it a few minutes before we go live.

  3. Will you explain how a member can remove people or entire branches from their own personal family tree, please? I need to delete a person who I had thought was my Great Great Grandfather but I learned through research that I had madeca an earlier mistake. The person, in question, who I need to remove from my tree, did exist; he just needs be yanked from my tree.

    Thank you.

    Bob Clark

    • Hi Bob. That’s not a DNA question. However, I believe you can go into his profile and delete is an edit option. There’s also a MyHeritage user group on Facebook that is very helpful.

  4. 1. I enjoyed your My Heritage videos for April and 6/24 and found many of the comments applicable to FTDNA. Have you ever thought of/been invited to host a similar video about FTDNA on Facebook?

    2. I found your Facebook page and left a message, but couldn’t find a way to like your page, make a friend request or make comments although I can share some of your posts. I imagine this is by design since you are such a public figure.

    • Unfortunately, I have to keep Facebook pretty well locked down due to some previous ugliness. Thank you for the suggestion about FTDNA.

  5. Roberta, I read your post about how 23andme has changed their triangulation tool and no longer checks to see whether people sharing the same segment match each other. I was working on My Heritage and it looks like My Heritage has also stopped checking to see if people sharing the same segment match each other. Is that true?

    • No, I was just using MyHeritage yesterday and their triangulation still works fine. Remember all of the people have to triangulate to be bracketed. Also, 23andMe appears to have changed back. I’m still careful though.

      • I have people showing as a match to me on the triangulation tool on MH, but they are not in my match list. 15cM on triangulation

        • That’s very odd. You have to select the people to show on the tool from your match list. I suggest calling support.

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