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One of the challenges I have with conferences is that I spend so much time in the vendor area. Books, maps and DNA baubles are bright shiny objects to me.

I ran across Alex Coss in his role as “Chief DNA Celebrator” in his booth. Yes, that’s really what his business card says. I’m sure it won’t surprise you now when I tell you the name of his company is “Celebrate DNA.”

I ordered two items from Celebrate DNA to celebrate my own genetic heritage. I love wearing DNA-themed items. People ask questions and I get to explain how much fun DNA is and how critical to genealogy.

The great thing about Alex’s items is that many (most) of Alex’s products are customized for you based on your own DNA results.

Celebrate DNA shirt.jpg

I particularly like my double helix t-shirt. I know, that’s the geeky side of me showing through.

Celebrate DNA options.png

Celebrate DNA has are a lot more styles to select from in both t-shirts and sweatshirts.

I think these would be great to wear to family reunions and are sure to be conversation starters.

Celebrate DNA roots.png

Now, I want a canvas bag with my heritage splashed across the world. I don’t care if the percentages align with my genealogy or not, because my ancestors are from those locations. My history lives there.

Celebrate DNA day of the dead.png

I *need* this shirt for research trips, but perhaps in a different background color! There are lots of colors to choose from.

Celebrate DNA offers many other items too; mugs, bags, posters, hats and more.

These would make great genealogy holiday gifts for yourself or others.

Celebrate DNA is having a sale and offering an additional discount if you order by clicking here, then enter ESTES10 to receive a 10% discount on top of the sale prices.




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12 thoughts on “Celebrate Your DNA

  1. Alex is a really nice guy. I met him 2 yrs. ago when he expressed how he wanted a booth here at Jamboree. I think I remember seeing that he was at rootstech.

    I have yet to get something that I would like, despite it being customizable.

    • Yes, I met him at RootsTech. And he is a really nice guy. I want one of those maps printed on cotton fabric for a quilt!

      • Love the quilt idea, Roberta! Also love the double Helix T, also. Sadly, my ‘ethnicity’ changes about every month or so! It keeps deleting ones I have always had prior, and adding in a lot of Scandinavian which I have never had. How unethical would it be if I pick the closest one that matches what I know from doing my tree as far back as 10 generations in most cases? (and of course using my mtDNA Ancestor info as an extra check point).

  2. Roberta, what color are you thinking for the Day of Dead Tee above? You said you wanted it but in a different color? I can customize it for you as a late holiday gift.

  3. Any idea about what has happened to Celebrate DNA and Alex Coss? The website is down and the Facebook page has not been updated for long either. Do you happen to know, if there is an alternative way to buy from him, or an alternative place to buy high-quality DNA merchandise like this?

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