It’s That Genealogy Advent Calendar Time of the Year

Advent gift.jpgIt’s that time once again.

The holly jolly time of year when everyone is decorating, cooking and cleaning house frantically before family comes over.

Err, umm, I mean, the time of year that everyone wants to please family members with the best gifts ever, and eat too much!

Ok, maybe all of the above😊

This is the time of year that I avoid stores LIKE THE PLAGUE.

I’m not fond of crowds, and I hate cold and parking lots – but I love my family and friends and want something special for everyone.

Purchasing online is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I’m concerned.

Over the next month, I’ll be sharing a few genealogy gift ideas with you that I, as a genealogist, either use and appreciate, or would like to receive. (I promise to omit the January cruise to the Bahamas!)

Think of this as the advent calendar of genealogy gift suggestions and tips, except there won’t be one every day, just occasionally.

Some articles will include affiliate links, and others will not.

Every article will include useful tips from me about my own experiences and/or how to use these products effectively.

These are EXTRA articles, in addition to my normal publishing schedule. Like always, you’ll still receive at least one regular mid-week article plus the weekend 52 Ancestors articles. I hope these continue to inspire you!

I have two items for you today.

$50 Off RootsTech 2020 1-Day Pass

Advent Rootstech.png

I received this offer from RootsTech to share with you. Rootstech 2020 will take place February 26-29 in Salt Lake City.

From now until December 9th, you can share the promo code GENFRIEND with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone you know that might be even slightly interested in going to RootsTech. This code will give your friend 50% off a 1-day pass – an offer too good to pass up!

I don’t know that this offer will apply to anyone trying to purchase a full pass. If I were going to travel to Rootstech, I would certainly want to spend more than 1 day, but this might be a great option for anyone local to Salt Lake City and who might want to get thier feet wet.

I’ll be speaking at RootsTech 2020, presenting “Kicking DNA Up a Notch to Unmask Unknown Ancestors” and “Native American DNA: Confirming Those Stories,” both on Wednesday, February 26th. You can view the schedule, here.

I’ll also be making a few cameo appearances in various booths from time to time, but I’ll announce that schedule closer to the conference.

I can’t wait to see old friends once again, and make new ones.

Give DNAeXplain FREE 

This isn’t really a holiday gift, per se, but is a thoughtful way to say, “I’m thinking of you and thought you might enjoy this.”

Advent DNAexplain.png

You can share this blog and all 1200+ articles with anyone, anytime.

If you have genealogy friends who might enjoy these articles, they can sign up to receive articles by e-mail for free. Just go to Below the black header, on the right-hand side, you’ll see the following.

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Just fill in your e-mail and click on “Follow.”

People can also sign up using an RSS feed if they would prefer.

Please feel free to forward any of these articles or post links on social media sites. In fact, every article has “share buttons” at the bottom.

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These articles also make great educational tools or discussion fodder at genealogy interest groups.

What is an Affiliate Link?

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Affiliate links help to fund the more than 1200 free articles available at As you know, this educational blog in its 7th year now is entirely free to everyone. There is no annual subscription and no contributions are requested.

All I ask of you is:

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Other News

I recently updated the Mitochondrial DNA series to reflect the changes on the Family Tree DNA results pages. You can see my permanent Mitochondrial DNA resources page here that includes the links to the 5-part mtDNA series. It’s now permanently in that black header.

Advent mito.png

I’ll be publishing the first article in the Y DNA “how to” series in the next few days. I know the Y DNA series has taken awhile, but it’s on the way. I promise.

Thank you for your ongoing support and I wish a joyful holiday season for you and yours.

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  1. Are you familiar with CRI Genetics? An article in gave them a rating of number 1 DNA test in both ancestry and health. I don’t believe they provide matches. My husband is interested in health testing and I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

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