It’s Black Friday Already at MyHeritage

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I just received word that the MyHeritage DNA kit is only $39 in the US until November 29th.

This is the lowest price, EVER.

Not in the US? Here are equivalent prices elsewhere in the world!

  • US:  $39
  • UK: 39£
  • CA: 55 CAD
  • AU: 66 AUD

If you live elsewhere, check the MyHeritage website from your location. They sell worldwide. In fact, my best matches on my mother’s Dutch lines are at MyHeritage.

This $39 price beats transferring from other vendors and unlocking (unless the person can’t retest), plus you get the latest and greatest technology AND the ability to upgrade your DNA test to include MyHeritage Health in the future if you want to.

If you purchase 2 or more kits, shipping is free!.

Today’s Genealogy Tip

The best thing you can do for your genealogy, other than to test your own DNA, is to test your oldest family members – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

DNA testing has never been less expensive and there are more people in data bases from around the world than ever before just waiting on matches.

Buy DNA tests, wrap them up, put them under the tree, and swab before eating😊

Just think about all of those wonderful matches beginning in January!

Click here to order now.



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22 thoughts on “It’s Black Friday Already at MyHeritage

    • If you already have an account there, just click on the DNA tab at the top of the page, then at the bottom, you’ll see order DNA kits. Just complete that part and they are associated with your account until you transfer them elsewhere, if you decide to.

    • I checked with MyHeritage and they added this: To be a manager of the DNA kit, all you need to do is perform the “Activation” process. There we ask is this is for you or someone else, and you select and fill the other person’s details.
      The “activator” can always “invite” the other person to see its results by filling the email address afterward. If the “donor” is a member of the website it will have access automatically to his/her results.

  1. Just remember you can’t transfer into so if you want to be in that pool you’ll have to buy their test.

  2. I clicked on the link but nothing even tells you what kind of test it is. Is a useful Y-test or just an autosomal test?

  3. Just to be clear, the price for Australia is actually AU $92.39 which includes shipping & the .gov mandatory 10% GST which they charge for both the kit & the shipping… 🙁

  4. Just be aware that they give you one month of Complete Plan , then:

    At the end of the free trial period, you will be charged $149 (tax not included) and benefit from a 50% discount on the regular price for one year. Thereafter you will be charged annually if you keep the subscription.

    Devil is in the details.

    • I’m confused by your comment. Of course they charge after the free period. That’s the business they are in. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something.

      • Thanks for the news, Roberta. That’s a great price. Question: I already have a full annual membership at MyHeritage. If I buy kits for others and manage the kits myself, will adding these new folks increase my membership price? Or can I add as many kits as I want under my management for the same price as just for my kit? Or will my membership cost increase with each kit I add? That can get prohibitive.

  5. Price in the Czech Republic (and probably in the whole EU) is currently 49€ (i.e. about $54). And maybe they will add 10€ VAT too for CR. Nothing so special.
    I hope FamilyTreeDNA will have $39 even for us soon 🙂

  6. I clicked on the link, but nothing tells what kind of test this is. Is it somethink useful like a Y-DNA test, or just an autosomal test?

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