Summer Sale at Family Tree DNA

Do you ever have one of those weeks when absolutely nothing goes right? Me too, and that’s why this week’s regular blog article isn’t ready and didn’t get published.

But Family Tree DNA just saved the day by announcing their summer sale which will last from now until the end of August. (How can it possibly be August already?)

Summer sale 2019

These are great prices on both new purchases, bundles AND upgrades. Seldom does everything go on sale at the same time.

Confused About Which Test to Take?

If you are uncertain about which kind of DNA you’d like to test and how the different tests work, now’s a great time to take a look at the newly revamped and updated article, 4 Kinds of DNA for Genetic Genealogy. Feel free to share that (and this) article as well.

Sale Pricing!

Here’s a chart with the regular and sale prices for each product so you can see just how much you’re saving. Now’s a great time to order some kits to take to that family cookout or reunion!

Test Sale Price Regular Price Savings
Y37 $129 $169 $40
Y67 $199 $268 $69
Y111 $299 $359 $60
Big Y-700 $499 $649 $150
Family Finder $59 $79 $20
mtFull mitochondrial full sequence $149 $199 $50
Family Finder + Y37 $178 $248 $70
Family Finder + mtFull $198 $278 $80
Family Finder + Y67 + mtFull $387 $546 $159
Family Finder + Y111 + mtFull $487 $637 $150
Family Finder + Y37 + mtFull $317 $447 $130
Family Finder + Y67 $248 $347 $99
Family Finder + Y111 $348 $438 $90
Y37 + mtFull $268 $368 $100
Y67 + mtFull $338 $467 $129
Y111 + mtFull $438 $558 $120
Y12 to Y37 $99 $109 $10
Y12 to Y67 $169 $199 $30
Y12 to Y111 $279 $359 $80
Y25 to Y37 $49 $59 $10
Y25 to Y67 $139 $159 $20
Y25 to Y111 $239 $269 $30
Y37 to Y67 $89 $109 $20
Y37 to Y111 $178 $228 $50
Y67 to Y111 $89 $99 $10
Y12 to Big Y-700 $489 $629 $140
Y25 to Big Y-700 $489 $599 $110
Y37 to Big Y-700 $459 $569 $110
Y67 to Big Y-700 $399 $499 $100
Y111 to Big Y-700 $349 $449 $100
Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 $229 $249 $20
mtDNA (HVR1) to mtFull $139 $159 $20
mtPlus (HVR1+HVR2) to mtFull $129 $159 $30

To purchase any of the tests, or upgrade, click on any link above, or here.



I receive a small contribution when you click on some of the links to vendors in my articles. This does NOT increase the price you pay but helps me to keep the lights on and this informational blog free for everyone. Please click on the links in the articles or to the vendors below if you are purchasing products or DNA testing.

Thank you so much.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. Thank you for the great info Roberta.
    A question please,,,,,,,

    can I order a second test after the first one been batched? let’s say I ordered mtdna test during a sale and it was batched then I wanted to add another one (or an upgrade of the same) before the result comes out??

  2. Hi, Roberta!
    Thank you for compiling the sale prices.
    During sales, I often help a cousin or two by donating to a project General Fund, tagging the money with each cousin’s kit number so it can be cited in their orders.

    Can I do that through your link?
    If so, would that get you a contribution?
    Would the cousins be free to order as they choose (and sometimes it’s a struggle to get them to order at all), or would they have to order through your link as well?
    Thank you for your help.

    • I don’t think so, but donating to the projects is a wonderful thing to do. Just click on the link and do what you need to do. If I do, great, and if not it’s OK. 😁

  3. Roberta
    I want to thank you for the beautiful Mitochondrial DNA Report my sister Rose Ann and I just love it. We were at a stand still on some of our research and you gave us some great ideas on where to go from here.

    I want to upgrade a Y111 to bigY700 and a Y500 to bigY700 will they use the samples they have or send new tests as I can’t get a new sample from either one.

    Thanks for your help!!

  4. People who order BigY 700 nowadays will get all their STR right? Meaning Y12, Y25, Y37, Y67 and Y111, plus the BigY related 112 to 700.

    Did I get this right?

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