SORRY – Emails of Old Articles

First, I apologize.

I am doing maintenance to the 1200 articles on my blog. I had deleted several, then after consideration, decided to restore some of them for two reasons:

  • Historical continuity
  • I noticed that some people are still reading them

So, I restored them from the deleted folder.

What I didn’t know that that WordPress would resend them in an e-mail to everyone.

So, I’m embarrassed and sorry, both – and I’m done restoring.

I promise.

So please just delete those and excuse the ring.


46 thoughts on “SORRY – Emails of Old Articles

  1. Thought my in box was haunted!!!!! Or maybe I was getting messages from beyond!!! Hey! Some of those old blogs I had not seen. I have a DNA Explained folder to put your blogs when I’m too busy to read them. I think I will add those old ones! So no worries, Bobbie; everything happens for a reason!!!!

  2. Don’t worry! I instantly knew it was something like that and I chuckled (in solidarity—we’ve all made mistakes that made us grimace).

    Love your blog!

    • I was gonna say something similar and I see you’re already said it. I hope Roberta knows we understand. It’s what we love about her. She’s so human!

      • I’m that alright😁. It’s really good to see you here again. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you are doing OK. I thought of you when I noticed I can actually edit the tree at FamilySearch now. That’s amazing. And it needs a lot of editing on my line.

  3. No problem about the copipes of your old articles! You write the most fascinating pieces. Curtis … a distant Dodson cousin

  4. No problem at all. I found things I hadn’t read (as I haven’t been following you for that long) and I look forward to watching all the American ‘Who do you think you are’, as I didn’t know I could do that. I always watch the Australian program, which I enjoy very much.

  5. OHHHHH! LOL is that what happened.! Opened my email and there are all these lovely emails from you. What a wonderful surprise. Marvelous. Only wish I could spend today reading them all. I shall enjoy. Not to worry. Have a great day, Roberta. Mary

  6. No problem I enjoy all articles I keep reading them because I learn something new every time I go back to read.

  7. Reading the titles on some of those older articles sort of reminded me of re-reading a favorite book. Sometimes they’re even better the second time around!

  8. Totally understand & there are some I have not seen before and also a couple I wanted toreread but could not figure out how toget back to them lol, so its all good!

  9. no problem-it made me smile bc as I sit here and read my morning coffee I can review what articles I want to save, you made it easier for me!! ALL GREAT!!

  10. Thank you for the explanation, Roberta. I did wonder why my inbox was so full this morning and am so thankful it’s not SPAM. Regards & best wishes

  11. No big deal, Roberta. For those who do not wish to reread them, there is a special key called “delete” :0

  12. I was wondering what happened! I thought WordPress had a nutty. Or you decided to show some really old blogs. I still read them if it’s any consolation. I love “Who do you think you are?”. Probably a bit more than “Finding Your Roots”. I guess I like that show more because people get to travel.

    Really liked the Marisa Tomei and Valerie Bertinelli eps. But, the feels on the Christina Applegate one were strong. Lot of episodes have feels.

    But, I’m getting carried away this morning. Don’t worry about the e-mails. No harm done. Everything was taken care of and the person behind the curtain is ignored. =D

  13. No worries, I thought I had suddenly become popular! 😂

    I haven’t read a lot of these, so I’m glad to now have them in my mailbox. Moving them to their own folder so I can peruse at leisure.

  14. Haha. And I saw it as an oh boy! Since it is going to be rainy and now I can ignore household chores and not feel guilty.

  15. I saw my INBOX quite FULL of your posts — and was ASTOUNDED to think you’d had such a bout of INSOMNIA to be that ambitious overnight. Then I saw the most last message — and UNDERSTOOD.

    THANKS for the explanation.

  16. Ha ha! At first I thought you had been very busy writing! Then I realized some looked familiar. Thanks for explaining!

  17. No worries Roberta. Your blogs are my go to resource. Thanks for all the wonderful information and insights you share.

  18. Not a problem whatsoever, Roberta! I believe all of the articles I received were written long before I joined your blog. Happy reading to me!!! 🙂

  19. Roberta: I have been trying to locate an article in recent years on a full enzyme? test
    to which you referred – available in the UK from memory. Perhaps I’ve searched using
    inappropriate key words. Can you advise, please? Thank you.

  20. Hi there,
    I’m trying to see if my 2 x great grandfather and another family’s 2 x great grandfather are the same person. Members from both of our families have taken Ancestry DNA tests.

    Looking at the DNA connection between the two families:

    Between the possible two great granddaughters there is 94 centomorgans across 4 DNA segments. Between one great granddaughter and one 2xgreat granddaughter – 80 centomorgans across 6 segments.
    Anyway, this all doesn’t mean much to you until you see the two family trees and review all the DNA results! Are you interested in the job? Is it the kind of case you can help with? Thanks!

  21. Robert Estes, I am thankful you made this error. I was able to read reports that I missed, and a few in particular about DNAadoption that I have forwarded to an adopted relative for which I have not been able to find a connection, even though through it appears her father and my mother were first cousins. There just aren’t enough family member DNA testers in the database yet.

  22. I thought “WHAT? How in the heck did I manage do do that?” I have a DNA Explained folder and I thought I’d created a new and different screw up on my own! I read all of them eventually and have learned so much!

    I sure would like to know if your Moore’s of Isle of Wright Virginia are mine. I think that it is a possibility but there is a gap between the mid 1700’s to my known direct line b. 1796 in PA , names are similiar (Abraham, John, William) but what Moore family doesn’t use those names?

    Happy Hunting!

    • If you can find a Moore male from your line to test, that will help you immensely associate them with a family group.

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