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Tamura Jones’ blog, Modern Software Experience, has been awarding GeneaBlog Awards since 2006. I’ve been fortunate enough in the past to garner a mention for individual articles, but this year, I hit the motherlode.

I’m honored that Tamura has recognized DNA-Explained as the Best All-Around Genetic Genealogy Blog in his 2016 GeneaBlog Awards, one of only four awards he gave this year.

I’m in fine company, mind you, in 2016 and earlier as well.

I found it very interesting to view the awards from 2008-2015, listed at the bottom of the 2016 awards. If you click on his Awards page, you can see Awards back through 2006 and several “Best and Worst” articles in his GeneAwards series as well, including for 2016.


Guess who garnered the “worst new app” for 2016. If you guessed We’re Related, you’re right. Never let the truth interfere with a good story. I’m with you Tamura!

One of my favorite all-around blogs is ClueWagon, which Tamura has consistently mentioned over the years. One of the reasons I love ClueWagon is that Kerry makes me laugh. Every time. How can you not love ClueWagon? I mean, her tag line reads, “My name is Kerry. I like dead people.” Oh, and if you want to read about what Kerry has to say about why your new Ancestry DNA matches don’t have trees, click here.

Blaine Bettinger’s blog, The Genetic Genealogist, was honored by Tamura back in 2008, in the genetic genealogy dark ages. Blaine’s blog was all of a year old in 2008! In fact, I think it was the only Genetic Genealogy blog back then. My how times have changed!

In 2015, Jim Bartlett’s wonderful blog, Segmentology, was awarded Best New Genetic Blog. Now don’t be confused by this, Jim isn’t new to genetic genealogy. In fact, I found him in the 2005 photos I took at the Family Tree DNA Genetic Genealogy Conference held in Washington DC at the National Geographic Society. It just took the rest of us all that time into nagging Jim into blogging.

Thanks Tamura for having the love for genealogy to do this every year and taking the time to create your realistic, thought-provoking articles and entertaining product reviews. Love them or hate them – you make all of them interesting – and hopefully save the rest of us a lot of frustration and heartache along the way!



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27 thoughts on “GeneaBlog Awards and GeneAwards

  1. You are the best, Roberta – and you lead by example. Thanks also for your kind words. I became an FTDNA surname admin in 2002 – the NGS, almost in my back yard, was the first one I could attend.

    • Thank you Jim. I feel so very fortunate to have you, and people like you to collaborate with. We are all stronger because we work together. No wonder I didn’t find you in the 2004 pictures:)

  2. Thanks again Roberta for your contributions to Genetic Genealogy and congratulations on another well deserved award. You are the Real Deal and we need lots more like you. You are a true leader.

    Working with and appreciating the work of Jim Bartlett further proves the above comment. Jim is great!

    Both of you give what we do a lot more meaning and you make it so much easier to see the big picture.

    • Thank you Linda. This field is one of give and take and I’ve been very fortunate to work with wonderful people and discover I’m related to do many people. I had no idea!

  3. Congrats Roberta, Your blog helped clear up many many questions on DNA for me. thanks!
    I’ve forwarded your blog link to several friends.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Roberta, you are one of my favorite writers too. I read the awards for 2016 and Legacy was not mentioned for family tree software. Not the best and not the worst. I am just get started with Legacy and wondering if I should switch to RootsMagic. Do you think this omission was inadvertent or sending a message? Is there another blogger on family tree software I should read? Thanks so much for your contributions. DNA is my passion and I have learned so much from you. Judith

    • When I was considering which software to switch to, RootsMagic and Legacy were my two finalists. If you like Legacy, I think it’s fine. I have not heard anything overtly negative about it. In terms of other blogs I didn’t mention, I like Judy Russell’s Legal Genealogist and I read Genea-Musings religiously. Tom keeps up with what is going on and gives great examples. I have no idea how he has the time to do what he does.

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