2015 Voting for Rock Star Genealogist(s) Now Open

Rock star

Voting is open for your favorite genealogists and closes this Sunday, September 12th, so vote early and often.  No, no, you can only vote once – this isn’t Chicago.  But please, do vote.  It’s a lovely way to say thank you to those who give above and beyond in our community.

Last year, in 2014, I was thrilled to see genetic genealogists among the winners.

Genetic genealogy went from a topic you had to beg to get on the agenda at any conference a decade ago to a high interest topic today with many available speakers.  That’s great because genetic genealogy more than any other genealogy activity must be collaborate.  I mean, DNA testing with no one to compare to would be, for the most part, fruitless.

So take a look at the candidates and vote for someone.  I guarantee – you’ll know some of them.

The great thing about this kind of voting is that no one is campaigning, there is no mud- slinging and no negative ads.  There are only winners because we are very fortunate to have all of the candidates in our community!

Click here to vote.



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11 thoughts on “2015 Voting for Rock Star Genealogist(s) Now Open

  1. I took the survey and voted for Roberta Estes, of course. Just curious as to why I have only heard of a few of those on the voting list.

    • First of all – thank you. There were a lot of people whose names I didn’t recognize either. I think many are from overseas where those of us in the US might not recognize their names, or they are perhaps regional. I’m not a big “conference” person, so if the individual doesn’t have an online presence, I probably don’t “know” them.

  2. It’s a great list, isn’t it! (oh, and Roberta Estes as well!!)
    The ones I didn’t recognize – I immediately went looking for their blogs and details about them. Wonderful opportunity to see if there’s another genealogist to check in with for specific regions or genealogy research of any kind. We are so lucky to have such fabulous genealogists to learn from!

    • I did the same thing, went to look for some of the people I didn’t know. We are so very lucky. When I first started doing genealogy, it was in a vacuum and alone compared to today.

  3. Info says voting ended yesterday………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  4. I took the survey and voted for Roberta Estes – I love, love, love her blog! I’ve learned so much from following!

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