First Peoples Series on PBS

first peoples

If you missed the First People’s series on PBS, all 5 episodes are available in full on YouTube.

The 5 are:

  • Episode 1: The Americas
  • Episode 2: Africa
  • Episode 3: Asia
  • Episode 4: Australia
  • Episode 5: Europe

These are well worth your time and include very interesting DNA results from ancient people and how they are related to us today.



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6 thoughts on “First Peoples Series on PBS

  1. I saw the Asia and Australia episodes but could not find the rest on the TV guide. This is perfect! And you are right, these were fascinating, especially as related to DNA!

  2. The series is quite good and will leave many people looking for more. We in Australia get quite a few documentaries like this from PBS, History Channel and UK and European sources. They all seem to be pitched around this level, in many cases just a bit low for many who have any existing relevant knowledge. With this topic being new and challenging for many, the pitch at years 5-12 is appropriate, and here they don’t seem to over-repeat as much as usual.
    Graphics under used. A few more maps, and graphics of archaeological sites would have been helpful. Prevalence of catch-phrases and clichéd techniques still results in some scope for catch-phrase lotto but not as bad as some docos. Some good scientists involved.
    Worth recommending.

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