London DNA Sculpture Trail

I’m typically not a “things” person, but I’m telling you, I want one of these for my garden.  Oh yeah!!!!!  In fact, I think making one would be great fun!!!

helix sculptures

This summer (2015), you can take part in an extraordinary event across London, England, in support of Cancer Research UK.

This London art trail is made up of 21 beautifully designed giant double helix sculptures and runs until Sunday the 6th of September.  These sculptures have been designed by some of the biggest names in art and design. Check out the sculpture map, watch the video of how one sculpture was made, and start planning your trail now, at least if you’re going to be in London.  I surely wish they’d do a virtual tour for those of us who can’t visit in person.

helix sculpture map

At the end of the summer, these sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds to complete the Francis Crick Institute, the scientist of course who discovered DNA.

You can see the Individual sculptures here.

I personally love the Delft one.  And the cat one with the buttons.  And the orange tree from Spain.  And the helix ladder.  And the symbolic swallow with handprints.  Ok, I like them all.  Which one is your favorite?


Subscriber PB has sent two photos of the sculptures in London.  Thanks PB.  If anyone else sends photos, I’d love to add them too.

DNA Sculpture 1

DNA Sculpture 2



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5 thoughts on “London DNA Sculpture Trail

  1. Delft, Helix and Ascension are my favs. 🙂 Shame it won’t be there next year when we all are! 🙁

  2. you never cease to amaze me and this post is one example of learning about you worthwhile. Thanks for the info and share.

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  3. Subscriber PB has sent two photos of the helix statues in place in London. I’ve updated the article with these photos. Thanks PB!! If anyone else sends photos, I’d love to add them as well.

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