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The Who Do You Think You Are? conference in England is over for this year, and once again, we are the beneficiaries.  Family Tree DNA sponsored the DNA Theater at the event, and Dr. Maurice Gleeson and other volunteers coordinated the speakers.  Currently, the videos are being uploaded to a YouTube DNA Lectures Channel so we can all enjoy them and learn.

Here’s the link to the channel:


Currently, there are five new lectures from this year, plus 10 from last year that are still very relevant.  I understand that more lectures will be posted as they finish putting the videos into final format.

Here is the list of lectures that were delivered at the conference this year.


I have not watched all of the available videos, but I have watched the lecture by John Cleary titled, “It’s not just ‘deep ancestry’ – how NGS and Y-STR testing can further your research.”  For everyone who has taken the Big Y from Family Tree DNA or other Y DNA full sequence test, or who is thinking about taking this test, this is a must watch.  John talks about the technology, the results and best of all, how to put all of the pieces together to glean more information about your genealogy and ancestors.  It’s a wonderful lecture and John makes a complex topic very understandable.

A hearty thank you to Family Tree DNA for sponsoring the theater and to all of the volunteers that make WDYTYA a success.

10 thoughts on “DNA Lectures YouTube Channel

  1. The big Y is too expensive, especially when u can get sufficient results with Y67 and only covers one line. Plus test cannot be taken by females. IMO, FTDNA primary focus is Y-DNA, but should be FF. Covers all lines. Females can take it. Covers the genealogical time period, not ancient direct male lines.

  2. Many thanks for keeping us informed. Having been a genealogist for many, many years it is great to have my research verified by DNA evidence. However, I am mystified at the loss of my very dear relatives @ Ancestry who apparently did not make the cut. I have to wonder just what their criteria is.

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