Rockstar Genealogists – Tickled Pink and Paying Up

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Early this morning, in fact, very early this morning, so early that it still qualifies as last night, John Reid announced the Gold Medal winners in 5 geographic locations and DNA, although my husband swears that DNAland is an amusement park someplace that takes credit cards, especially my credit card:)

And the winners are, drum roll please……..

  • Australia/New Zealand – Shauna Hicks
  • Canada – Dick Eastman
  • England, Scotland, Wales – Janet Few
  • Ireland – Steven Smryl
  • USA – Judy Russell
  • DNA – Roberta Estes

Once again, I’m both honored and humbled, and maybe a tad bit embarrassed too.. As my British friends say, I’m gobsmacked.  I can hardly wait to pay up!!!  What a great reason to have to spend money!  Woo hoo.

And I have to share a secret with you  – I’m just thrilled to see Judy Russell in first place.  She is such a wonderful person and a great resource and everyone wants to see a deserving friend receive these kinds of accolades.  So, I’m, as my Mom would have said, “just tickled pink.”

Up until now, my favorite thing to spend money on was DNA tests and quilt fabric.  But, I have to admit, this has been an awful lot of fun.

I’m just extremely glad I didn’t say I’d pay for every genetic genealogist who made the winner’s circle – or I’d be eating beanie weenie for months – especially since John added the DNA category.  I think we’ve succeeded and genetic genealogy is now mainstream.  What do you think?  It’s a red letter day for genetic genealogy!!!

I checked yesterday with the Preserve the Pensions folks on their Facebook page to be sure there wasn’t another donation avenue that would garner more matching funds.  They assured me that right now, donating through the Indiana Genealogical Society would garner the best matching revenues.  I particuarly like this option, because I was born in Indiana and I’m proud that my home state is sponsoring this wonderful matching option.

war 1812 progress crop

So, I just want everyone to know that I did, in fact, put my money where my mouth was…well, at least my pen was…and I made my $250 donation.  I think this is the best $250 I’ve spent in a long time, in several different ways!  With matching donations, it becomes $1000 dollars AND preserves 2200 pages.  And you never know, just one of my, or your, ancestors might be whose pension pages it preserves.  Wouldn’t that be synchronicity!

donation receipt

Here’s my donation and the thank you reply on the Indiana Historical Society webpage after making the donation.  Even just $5 helps and it’s one of the easy donation options.

thank you donation



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25 thoughts on “Rockstar Genealogists – Tickled Pink and Paying Up

  1. Thank you Roberta and all of the DNA folks who help us every day to match up with so many friends and family. Your info and the thoughts that go into them really assist us in understanding where we originate. Sincere Best Wishes from Canada. Paul Morris Hilton

  2. “DNAland is an amusement park someplace that takes credit cards, especially my credit card”

    can I say priceless?

  3. Congratulations! I send links to many of your posts to people I’m trying to get into the DNA testing, and always suggest they read at your blog to learn more. Not that I understand all that science, but at least you do your best to make it understandable and I feel I have a chance to understand so much of this complex subject, with your doing the explaining! Your win is well deserved. 🙂

  4. Roberta – as a Big Thank You for all of your help to the many, many readers of your blogs I have followed your lead and made a $25 donation thru the Indiana Gen Society


  5. Congratulations fellow Hoosier. You certainly deserve the recognition. I have referred many of my DNA matches to your outstanding blog.

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