Ancestor Maps

Ancestor map

These maps are just fun!!!  They are yours, and fully customizable, so you can make them anything you want.  They could track the migrations of a single family across time.  They could show the genesis of your entire family.  They could be where your DNA matches are found.

I did this one just for fun and it shows where my ancestors were born, where they died, and states they lived in where they were neither born nor died.  You can see the westward migration, but not many ventured past the Mississippi and none beyond Texas!

Red = born
Purple = died, but not born there
Yellow = lived but not born or died there

Have fun!!!



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14 thoughts on “Ancestor Maps

  1. Maps are great for visualization, but the problem is that most states are — in absolute terms — relatively large (after all, part of the clan can move from eastern NC to western NC), and these state maps don’t show intra-state migrations, and also don’t show “outliers” (one small family branch moving to a big state/province can visually throw things off).

    Much cooler would be a set of heat maps (based on how many families lived there) at the county level, one for every 50 years or so, and then combined into an animated GIF or short video.

    Of course, even then, gaps in your tree would visually deceive you.

  2. Very cool! I have always have trouble figuring out who is “family” As my tree grows and grows, I get interested in families people married into. Where do I put up “The End” signs and not add more people to my tree (width-wise, if that makes sense).

  3. I am really enjoying your information. I am the daughter of Orland Chester Eastes descendants of Lemuel. I have Roy’s book and his research CD’s Leroy Eastes was my grandfather. Regards and thanks Doretta Eastes Harter

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  4. Oh, nuts, with that map my family covers just about the whole country (including AK & HI) plus parts of Canada with an arrow to Australia. I like the Legacy mapping feature, with those cute little colored ticks for visually narrowing down locations. I found an unexpected conversion that way. Yep, two branches of my ancestors were neighbors, more or less, but as far as I can find out, didn’t know each other in that generation. Still interesting. And who knows what I might find if I dig at it (some other time, not now…)

  5. HI Roberta, Enjoyed this tidbit. I wanted to tell you that you and I am a descendant of Sylvester Estes! Seems Sylvester Estes married Susanna Brock if memory doesn’t fail me, I do know Brock and Estes married. Susanna Brock married John Poor, both my ancestors, and also an ancestor or the wanted, Jesse James! Did Sylvester Estes come from Italy as that’s what I have seen and read on the internet. My Origins may overlap Italy some, as I don’t know of any others that I have found so far. Enjoyed your trips and findings in England! Sylvester Estes must have seen the Queen of whom my ancestor Lord Hunsdon Cary descends, possibly. Perhaps we’ll never know unless the open Lord Hunsdon’s tomb and Henry Henry VIIIs tomb as well. I have yet to take the full sequence mtdna, am looking forward to that, just trying to figure out some of the distant matches first so I will know more about the history. And I will need to learn and watch the videos about dna sequence and matching. Can’t remember right off what it means if someone matches on your X. Perhaps I didn’t quite understand it. I also heard that for $300.00 you look over the tests and can determine who my best matches are? Is that correct? Thank you for your time, I didn’t know this was going to be a lenghty note. Have a great day and enjoy your newsletters! Nancy Preas Rhoads Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 17:44:06 +0000 To:

    • Hi Nancy, I do a Personalized DNA Report for people for $349. They are about 100 pages long and explain pretty much everything we can tell you about your mtDNA excepting medical information.

  6. Thank you, this is interesting, Roberta.  My map produced what my wife called a “funnel”.

    Joe Robling

    • My map actually surprised me because I think of myself as “southern.” Looking at my map, because of my Mom’s Acadian heritage, I have a lot more northern territory than I thought. They’re fun.

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