Genea-Musings Best of 2013 – Congrats Genetic Genealogy Bloggers!

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Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings blog fame creates a “Best of” blog about once a week during the year.  I have no idea how the man reads as much as he does – but I’m glad he does so I don’t have to.  He’s my guilt relief – as long as he’s reading I don’t have to feel guilty about what I’m missing – because he’s doing Cliff Notes for the rest of us!  At year end, he creates a “Best of the Best of” blog which are the 20 or so best bloggers of the year – genealogically speaking of course.

This year there were a total of 23 different blogs who were included, because there were a few ties for positions 1-20.  I found it significant that there were three genetic genealogy blogs in that number.  Well, technically, I guess there were only 2 and 1/7th.

That’s because CeCe Moore and yours truly were among the honorably mentioned at positions 20 and 14, respectively, with our full-time genetic genealogy blogs, but Judy Russell skunked the rest of us at #1, and I do mean that.  Her dynamo blog, The Legal Genealogist, received 35 “Best of” mentions during the year.  That’s one every 10 days, for Heavens sake!  Most bloggers feel lucky to receive just one!  Judy produces an amazing amount of extremely high quality content, publishing an article daily.  Does she sleep?

Every Sunday, Judy writes about genetic genealogy, so she’s 1/7th genetic genealogy blogger, but she’s a 100% A#1 author, no matter how you slice, rice and dice it.  Randy’s not the only one who thinks so either!

You can read Randy’s entire article here – and maybe subscribe to his blog if you don’t already.  It really is a wonderful resource.

Thanks Randy and congratulations Judy!!!  Both of you…keep up the great work!



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4 thoughts on “Genea-Musings Best of 2013 – Congrats Genetic Genealogy Bloggers!

  1. I follow all three of you and I’m so grateful for your contribution to the field and my understanding. I blog myself, so I know what a commitment it is. The kudos are well-deserved.

  2. Congratulations again Judy. My friend Peter Roberts directed me to this article. You are indeed, the best of the best.

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