Family Tree DNA Announces “The Big Y”

Day 2 of the conference began early this morning and is just now ending and it’s after midnight.  I do have a lot to tell you, but most of it going to have to wait a bit.The Big Y

Today’s big news is that David Mittelman with Family Tree DNA late this afternoon announced the Big Y DNA test which would be known as a ‘full Y sequence” test. The test will provide results on 10,000,000 base-pairs and approximately 25,000 SNPs on the Y chromosome.

The regular price is $695, but it is being initially offered to current clients only for $495 though the end of November.  A current vial can be used if one exists, otherwise a new one will be sent.

Big y splashDelivery will be in 10-12 weeks and it will be accompanied by comparison tools.

Bennett says, “If the WTY (Walk the Y) was the moon shot, then this is the mission to Mars.”

Debbie Kennett compiled information from several folks who were tweeting and posting today and you can read more information at the link below.



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19 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Announces “The Big Y”

  1. Good news but we need a bigger push for autosomal in my opinion – too many are already only interested in the Y & it doesn’t help those of us looking for fathers.

    Too many don’t understand autosomal testing even available, how it works or all the fascinating insights & history that will be theirs for the taking.

    If I had dollars for all the men who said ‘sorry only interested in direct male line’ I would be a rick woman.

    It would be great if there could be a celebrity fronted campaign or something to increase those autosomal databases! Thanks

  2. I ordered mine as soon as I got home! YAY!! I’m also looking forward to all of the improvements and new tools that FTDNA will be bringing out in the next year! Things are looking UP! Great weekend thus far–sans the ‘break out session’ fiasco! LOL

  3. It’s very interesting, but as someone pointed out on Debbie’s blog, I’m not sure it makes sense for someone willing to spend that kind of money, particularly on someone who has not previously done DNA testing:

    FTDNA: BigY (10M) + mtDNA + YSTRs (111) = $1095 [current sale price]
    FGC: FullY (25M) + mtDNA + YSTRs (300) = $1250.

    Still more, but more than double STRs and SNPs for a relatively small jump in total price.

    That said, a few things might sway to FTDNA’s favor:
    – Few people jump in whole hog… They’re more likely to get *just* a low-level YDNA test at first. When that happens, you’re looking at $500 vs $1250, including some duplication.
    – It’s all about comparisons. I don’t know what you can get from FGC.

    OTOH, I have 71 FTDNA Y37 matches and only six have upgraded to Y111 (four match). What can one expect for the upgrade percentage for the “average user”?

    So, my gut feeling is that this is a tool when you have a group of known and suspected matches already, and not no much for when you want to find new matches. If that is the case, FGC would appear to have an edge.

    [Truth in advertising: I have NOT tested at FGC myself]

    • This is not a tool for beginners. This is an advanced tool. I’m still at the conference, in the room actually, and I will be blogging about when one might want to utilize this test and what it might do for you or a surname group.

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  5. Meets my needs! I’m happy to explore what FamilyTreeDNA can find for me.

    FamilyTreeDNA’s turnaround and feedback has been superb thus far on this exciting journey of discovery.

    Dave Mitchell
    Cape Town, South Africa

    Y-DNA Roots in Killymallaght, co. Londonderry, Ireland

    • I agree with your meets my needs comment Dave…I have yet to take a test that didn’t provide some new exciting piece of information at some point in time! More data=more chances for growing my family tree IMHO! 🙂

  6. It’s been literally years, and I’ve only received one hit on Y37, Y67 and Y111, a seventh cousin once-removed who I already knew about through earlier testing with So I am not persuaded at all to spring for this Y10000000 [?]. Am I thinking correctly?

  7. Is there much improvement over the 67 marker Y Test, I did the mtDNA test and I haven’t found it to be much of a help.

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