The Found Poem



i will keep calm

and keep researching…

in spite of my assertion of disappointment

that the ready answer

wasn’t waiting


keener minds have

reminded me…


we are really just at the beginning

of this science


all of these different studies


on that which may be discovered

through diligence


i am mindful of a great gratitude

for the things that I have been able to discover…

and which knowledge

no other generation of us

ever had even the slightest chance

of discovering


it is a wonderful picture we have been given…

a picture which fastidiously

places us personally

upon the tree of life


the reality of our descent

through ancestors

both known and unknown…

is far removed from youthful thoughts of alienation


generations of relations…



through history

is a great gift



it is a story

i can pass on

to those who have not yet even been born…

how wonderful


and thanks to M-168


and even pf7443 whoever he was…

and H2a2a2

that very special lady





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    • The author just wants to be known as Harry. He is a participant on one of the lists I moderate. He wrote this in a reply and I just reformatted it a bit. I thought it was very elegant and profound.

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