Phasing the X Chromosome

The X chromosome lives a genetic and genealogical life all of its own because of its unique inheritance properties which vary depending on whether you are a male and inherit the X only from your mother, or a female an inherit an X chromosome from both parents.  Because of this, it’s a great, and often untapped, resource for genealogists.

I covered how this works in my blog titled X Marks the Spot.  Jim Owston, however, has gone another step further and documented how to phase that X chromosome, meaning how to assign pieces of it to specific ancestors.  This is a great educational piece and tool for us genealogists, so please, take a look:

Great work Jim!!!

5 thoughts on “Phasing the X Chromosome

  1. Roberta, I want to learn more about phasing across the genome using the data/results I have. Can you direct me to a good writeup on how to go about this? I know gedmatch is supposedly a resource for doing phasing, but the site seems to be down of late. 🙁

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